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Demetrius Andrade drops off Maciej Sulecki

Written by Jake Donovan

PROVIDENCE, R.I. "Depending on your point of view, the long return of Demetrius Andrade's return was either a performance statement or just another night in the office.

This statement brought Saul's head "Canelu" to Alvarez – and his last defense for the front page, which put something behind these words.

Inexperienced middleweight classed all boxed boxes in the twelfth closing of Polish Macie Sulecki at the main event on Saturday night in Dunkle's Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island.

The results were 120-107 in favor of Andrade, who was not shy either.

"Let's Go Canelo," Andrade cried (28-0, 17KOs) during an interview after fighting with DAZN's Chris Mannix. "We want an undisputed championship. September 14th, let's go. Live Mexico! "

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Andrade promised before the fight that he would leave immediately after "the size of the melon" Sulecki and was faithful to his word. The unadulterated south has repeatedly achieved with his left hand, including the blow that sent the visiting challenger to the canvas halfway through the starting round, which was impressed by the 7.136 in attendance for Andrade's first home career.

Always a brave soldier, Sulecki won the Count and was ready to fight. His night was not necessarily better, though he managed to avoid the second blow when top judge Eddie Claudio rightly ruled after the two twitched.

The hellish crowd was riding on a high, though slow-moving action in two circles, somewhat obscured emotions. Andrade beat most of the rounds, though he was still sticking his left hand whenever he would give up his money.

Sulecki tried to close the gap in the third round, but remained hopelessly overboard in his first career title career. Andrade was sometimes wild, perhaps somewhat eager to deliver a knockout end to his beloved audience. He was almost late in the third round, injuring Suleck with his left hand to drive him to the rope, connecting with his right hip, but with a challenger who could avoid further punishment and leave the circuit.

Andrade took most of the 4th round through most of the 4th rounds, although the late crowd brought the audience to his feet, and Sulecki almost took it. It was as close to winning as the last half of the competition became more boxing matches.

– No excuse. I felt something going on with my body during the camp training so I took advantage of what I could and did what I did. I did well, "Andrade said about changing strategy in the middle fight. "Several times after a couple of laps, they tortured their legs.

"My dad told me to relax and told me to give them what they came to see and that it was a cute boxing science."

It was enough to accumulate laps, because Sulecki never came close to winning any of them. He has never discouraged the Polish fans who were present and who remained angry at the end of the night as before opening. Their immortal support, however, was abandoned by the New England faithful at hand as a support to their three-tier titling in two weight divisions.

Sulecki never stopped trying to press the action, but he was outdone in each skill department. The average midfielder tried to get ahead, using the side moves and even planting his legs in the hope that he would hit the right hand to dramatically turn the fight. He would never approach the landing, as Andrade – feeling the knockout does not come – chosen to accumulate laps and move to the next.

He moved well past Suleck, which dropped to 28-2 (11KOs). The Polish midfielder came after two defeats after defeat in his 12-year defeat by Daniel Jacobs in April last year. On Saturday he entered the exciting 10-winner victory over Gabriel Rosada last March in his native Philadelphia, Penn.

Sulecki was on the right track to clear victory after reaching two nokdaun and cruising until he fell twice in the fight. He survived long enough to escape the majority's decision and retain his first career title career, though he is now back on the drawing board.

With victory, Andrade recorded another successful title in the middleweight category he claimed eight months ago. The 2008 US ambassador and the former double superstar title became the bachelor of the title after the twelve-year-old free-of-war middleweight category over formerly unpopular Walter Kautondokw in his debut last October in Boston, Massachusetts.

The winner brought the title that did not get Alvarez in his victory over Gennady Golovki in retaliation last September. He now hopes to turn it into a potential legacy of the Mexican iconic conflict later this year.

Alvarez – who escaped in the 12-track Jacobs at a headline reunification last May in Las Vegas, Nev. – remains without an opponent for scheduled return in September. There are rumors of his relocation in the toughest category to face with a three-stroke title by Sergey Kovalev, though he has yet to evolve outside the industrial gossip.

Except for instant confirmation, it is believed that all relevant players are still hunting for the task of plum. It is good enough for Andrade, who is ready for a quick turnaround even after having fought for the third time in eight months.

– Forget the WBCs ***. Regardless of what the & # 39; Franchise & # 39; belt, "Andrade said, thinking of a recent classification of Alvarez for the sanctioning body as his champion & # 39; Franchise in the middle category, releasing the title for Jermalla Charla, who defeated Brandon Adams on Saturday night. return home to Houston, Texas. – Let's go, Canelo. Unite this division.

– We have one champion. It's here. Let's do it. No more running, no more games. We put everything on the line and see who's the best. Hand and hand. Viva Mexico! "

Jake Donovan is a senior writer for Twitter: @JakeNDaBox

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