Sunday , May 9 2021

EastLink closed: The truck overturned, gas bottles across the road in northern Dandenong

Road blockade remains at EastLink near the Monash Motorway, while emergency crews continue to clean up after the truck crashes and flares dozens of gas bottles across the highway.

The truck around around 14.30 turned around under the Monash highway in the north of Dandenong.

The traffic was blocked in both directions for almost nine hours.

The Ringwood lines were reopened at around 23:30, but the Frankston-bound trails were still closed while the crane on the site was trying to move the damaged truck, which was returned to its wheels.




Emergency crews called for a clean-up operation, with the initial fear that a nine-liter gas bottle could explode.

The truck driver escaped after breaking his truck's windshield. She was taken to a hospital with light injuries.

The traffic southwards, according to Frankston, was routed Monday Monash to the Monash Motorway.

The CFA spokesman said there were between 50 and 100 gas bottles on the road.

She said earlier that there was a risk that the bottles could explode, but luckily, only a few of them had less leakage.

At the venue there were 22 firefighters and more than 80 firefighters, and MFB helped CFA teams.

VicRoads called on drivers on an alternative route Monday.

"If EastLink is part of your home, plan ahead and avoid the area, assuming it will be closed by night," said VicRoads.

"If you're heading to Frankston, you should get off early and take Wellington Rd, Police Rd or Monash Freeway before the incident."

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