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Female DIY Kmart, Ikea Homemade Styling Videos

Welcome to Clean Sweep, an initial series of that contains exclusive tips on how to take your home away from Aussies who spit your way to success.

Watching the 50sqm Ashlee White home in Sydney lasts only a few moments, but the impact of its uniquely designed space leaves much longer.

About two years ago, Ashlee and her fiancé Ben had packed their lives, sold most of their belongings, and moved into a tiny space, after deciding to live a more minimalist life.

The two have made a decision to reduce the number of visitors after traveling to Japan in 2017, where they have experienced how easy life can be with less "things."

"Houses in Japan were minimalist, organized and effective," Ashlee told

"We sold all the furniture and moved to a small house of 50 square meters."

Entering a home less than four standard car parks has led to a new career for 30-year-olds who have made a constant home-based career using affordable home finds and home appliances.


House money can only be small, but each centimeter has a purpose, and each item in it has a certain home.

"I would describe my home as a mix of bohas and eclecticism with a minimalist turn in Morocco," Ashlee said.

The salon, Ikea Holmsund, has a large storage space where she keeps her spare bedding.

"It also goes into a double bed," Ashlee said, explaining that eliminating the need for a spare room for guests.

According to Ashlee, stylizing space was a challenge that required careful preparation.

"We've chosen a home with an open living room, high ceilings, white walls and lots of windows," she said.

"These elements combined make a little home look and feel much larger than it really is."

But a modern housewife has warned that there are shortages in the number of employees, which made it a strict rule to keep things under control.

"We need to be aware when we buy new things because we have a limited space," Ashlee said.

"If we want to bring something new to our home, we have to sell or donate something else to make room for it."

It now sees it as more positive because it prevents it from "buying anything at all".

Marking a place for each item in her home leaves a very small gray area when it comes to shelters, she said.

"You know where to put things, instead of leaving them anywhere."


Ashlee landed in the styling industry under unusual circumstances.

During her trip to Bali, in 2014, she got fever drowsiness, she became so ill that she was "totally attached to the house."

With her destruction of the immune system, Ashlee was forced to take time off in the fashion industry and re-examine her career.

"It took me three years to go back to normal life," she explained.

"I started on Instagram and YouTube because it was so flexible."

What began as a hobby for re-bending creative muscles would soon turn into a career, and Ashlee has collected more than 12,800 Instagram followers and 2200 YouTube subscribers in the past 12 months.


Ashlee's YouTube tutorials are like something from a powerful dream, offering step by step instructions for creating beautiful, hand-made pieces.

In one video, Ashlee tells subscribers how to stylize a bookcase in four different ways, and in the second, she uses a rope to cover a plain cushion in a macram style pattern.

Its DIY hackers are easy to follow, accessible and attract thousands of views – from redesigning the Ikea coffee table to some Kmart vinyl to use canvas and sorting pistols to transform the Kmart bench.

Ashlee said she was drawing inspiration from her mother-in-law, Meegan, whose home was shaped like something from a great magazine.

"She has this style gift of your home in such a way that you feel like you are on a luxurious vacation during a visit," Ashlee said.

"I believe your home should be your sanctuary, an attractive place where you can feel relaxed and inspired."


One of Ashlee's most popular projects was a coffee booth that was embellished with macrame.

Using a $ 3 jute coil and a warm glue gun, Ashlee covered the popular stalls – available in Kmart for $ 6 – before hanging a handmade macrame.

– It's a very simple design that everyone can do. I used very basic macramé nodes, which are perfect for beginners, "Ashlee said.

– That was definitely my most popular revenge. I had a lot of people who sent me pictures of my recreation. "

The finished result attracted followers praise, one of them said, "I would honestly pay you to decorate my house!"


Without a built-in litter in his tiny home, Ashlee had to improvise and end up with a solution that was "functional but also visually comfortable".

"It's definitely the beginning of a conversation in our home, and it's always the first thing I'm greeted by my guests," she said.

To make her own store, she bought a well-known Ikea Billy Bookcase for $ 70 and got an extra door.

"We've chosen a glass door with half-coated plates because easy access to all of our ingredients is necessary."

She then used a choice of $ 5 plastic steps from Kmarta to layers of her spices – which cost $ 5 for a pack of four from Ike.

"I've labeled jars and containers with old age-old school labels," she said.

"All my containers were purchased from Kmarta for less than $ 50."


Ashlee said she uses platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration before diving into the project.

"Get started with a clear idea of ​​the style and color you want to achieve," she said.


A home stylist is a great believer in using what lies around at home.

"You'd be surprised at what sort of color difference you can make," she said.


Ashlee is dressed in basketball to "conceal the mess."

"We use these Ikea baskets for storing shoes," she said.

As a visual person, if Ashlee sees disorder, her "mind feels stuffy".

"Having everything organized is very easy to keep clean," she said.


If you are planning to bring something new to your home, Ashlee said it was important to make room for it.

"Make a habit of selling or donating something else in advance so your home does not become overwhelmed," she said.


You do not need a big budget to have a well-dressed home, Ashlee says.

"If I decide for a certain style, but I can not find a work within my budget, I'm going to Facebook Market Place," she explained.

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