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Harry Potter & # 39; fans angry at Professor McGonagall at Fantastic Beasts 2 & # 39;

It was recently announced that Professor McGonagall appeared at the Fantastic Beasts 2 & # 39; and Harry Potter & # 39; fans are not happy about it.

Theatrical release Fantastic beasts: Criminals of Grindelwald is a week away and true Harry Potter fans have very mixed feelings. Some are delighted to see another add-on Harry Potter universe. Others can not ignore a clear error in the original time scale compared to the recent one Fantastic beast 2 broadcast news.

As Inquisitr Earlier, the younger version of Professor Minerve McGonagall – played by Irish actress Fiona Glascott – will be set in Fantastic beasts 2, Although it is not clear how much young McGonagall's role will be in the future, Harry Potter fans have a difficult time to think about how it is even possible that the character actually exists in the time frame.

Why do not you Harry Potter Fans so disturbed?

Fantastic beasts and where to find them parcel was held in 1926. The land of the sequel will be held a few months later in 1927. Harry Potter I know young Professor McGonagall could be in Fantastic beasts The timeline does not make sense because it is not yet born.

Although neither the books nor the films were exactly the same as McGonagall was born, the true lovers of the series were able to make their birthday in 1935 based on the information available about her character.

During the fifth book, The Order of Phoenix, Fans Learned McGonagall began his career at Hogwarts in December 1956. Before that he worked at the Magic Ministry two years after graduating.

Performing math backwards, the fans concluded that she graduated in 1954, she was a student of the first year in 1947 and was born in 1935.

For Harry Potter fans, this piece of history disables McGonagall to exist in Fantastic beasts Timeline.

Known for having a huge and open topic of fans, Harry Potter fans turned to social media to allow concerns and frustrations because of a timely error in the timeline.

Many Harry Potter fans were labeled by J.K. Rowling asked to explain how Minerva's existence was Fantastic beasts even the time period is possible.

Others argued Fantastic beasts movies and Harry Potter the movies could no longer be linked due to a mistake.

Many have been thinking about it Harry Potter Lore confirmed McGalagon's birthday in 1935.

J. K. Rowling and the whole Harry Potter the universe had some fans coming to defend. These fans claimed that many responded too much before they had a chance to see the movie.

There were also several fans who were trying to figure out the mistake. One fan pointed out that this was another member of the McGonagall family, considering how old Dumbledore is.

The other reminded everyone that the journey was traveling to reality Harry PotterIn fact, no one else was McGonagall who turned the time into Hermione Granger.

It's only time to find out if McGonagall's performance Fantastic beasts 2 it's really a timing error or if the movie explains why it is or why it's there.

Fantastic beasts: Criminals of Grindelwald theatrical release date is November 16th.

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