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How does Prince George's friends call him in school?

Have you ever wondered what Prince George was in school? Well, according to one parent, the future king is like every other child attending St. Thomas in Battersea.

Speaking to the Vanity Fair, the parent discovered: "He is very popular and has many friends, and about who he is a little crowd."

So popular in the fact that five-year-old friends call the young king with the nickname Tips, which is also what Duke and Duchess call him at home.

The parent discovered that William and Kate are always trying to take a son to school.

"… they are always friendly."

But William is always interested in talking.

"William especially likes to talk to some of his other parents, and he works with some of the moms in the Harbor Club after leaving. He is very chatty and kind."

Prince George in a school uniform


Last year, another parent told the Daily Mail that parents and staff and prestigious school are not treated differently.

"Nobody really gives Kate a second look when he goes to school," they said in the publication.

"We have Victoria's Secret model working in school, and dads are far more interested in her."

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