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How to lose weight: Mom loans a squat to kick ass

When celebrities share pictures of their toned points and buttocks, they often slammed the money and army of people to help them.

But this mother-of-two proved that with a few hundred squats a week, with dedication and patience, it can do it, all without breaking the budget.

Regardless of whether the kettle waits for her to boil, brush her teeth or phone her friends, Julia Meadows will find every opportunity to enter her daily quota.

"I'm trying to squeeze at least 100 squats in one day, even if it means that while I'm down or waiting to get soft, I'll make a few squats," she told

"I intend to do around 20 each time I reach 100 for that day – it makes a big difference."

Since she shared the image of her very tense forum on the Internet Mom, she was overwhelmed by her colleagues' moments about what her "secret" was.

"People are asking me what I do in particular, and to be honest, everything comes down to my band for resistance to the prey – before I practice at home, put it around my thigh and use it to activate my rods."

But a firm back and body was not always the case with Mrs. Meadows.

The 34-year-old from Pakenha in Victoria suffered from depression after she and her husband split in 2016.

She would seek comfort in unhealthy foods and would often find her on the couch to devour food to pour and sweet treats.

On really hard days, she would replace her two-barrel ice cream dinners, while some could count as 66 kilos as "even so bad." Mrs. Meadows was extremely unhealthy and knew that if she did not make a change she could have serious health problems.

"I had to learn that ladders are not always telling the truth, and I'd rather go through my paintings of progress to think about their achievements," she said.

After three years ago she had her second daughter, Mrs. Meadows was fully responsible for her actions and she decided she wanted to be a healthy model for her children while at the same time returning her happiness and self-confidence.

"My days can be heavy and tiring because I'm a mom, but life is pretty hard for everyone in general, but I know that I feel a lot better when I'm on my way with my healthy diet and after I've been doing well and left me more energetic to solve life problem, "she said.

Ms. Meadows has said she has lost 12kg in 12 months after the 28-day Slimming Challenge since she entered Healthy Mummy, a parental health clinic, and had one or two smoothies for a healthy mum daily.

"I've really noticed a change in my body after four weeks of training," she said.

She admitted that the main thing she was struggling with was the size of the dough and the overflow.

– I did not realize how much I actually eat. I've never been a good cook and I have no passion for it, but these recipes really helped me understand the size of the portions and that I made them very quickly and easily, "she said.

Mrs. Meadows also fulfilled one of her life goals – she ran two polumaratons.

She said it is important to set short-term goals for themselves to stay motivated, whether you're playing out with children for 30 minutes or banning wine for two weeks.

"I have a motivation board with photos before and after," said Mrs. Meadows. "Always reminds me of where and why I started, which helped me a lot."

A mother of two exercises six times a week at home, which includes a wake up at 5.30 am for training at her local F45 gym before the job.

"Definitely I'm more energized, happier and more confident – I'm always out with kids now, I go to the park and not just sit on the phone, but actually play with them."

Her advice to other moms in hopes of losing her stomach?

"Set short-term goals so you do not feel overwhelmed."

A healthy mummy, having half a million subscribers, has decided to launch an application for health and fitness.

Her founder and former sales director of ACP Magazine, Rhian Allen, said the goal was to get busy, tired moms who would want to stay fit or lose extra pounds.

This includes a personal trainer, dietician, meal planner, and motivational coach, and is available today and on iOS and Android.

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