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Julia Banks confirms she will run in Flinders, Victoria

Julia Banks has confirmed that she will be independent and assume the duty of the High Minister of the Liberal Party.

Mrs. Banks, who went to the scene after a disastrous demolition of Malcolm Turnbulla at the prime minister last year, will run for Greyhound Health Minister at the Flinders Victorian Headquarters.

"It is important that people in Flinders are not taken for granted and have a strong, independent audience who listens to them, and they are all proud of their voice," she said in a statement on Thursday for Nine News.

"I've always got 100 percent, and that will be nothing else." My values ​​are in the sensitive center and in the core of what I'm afraid of. I will always support policies that reflect economic responsibility as they are socially progressive. "

He stressed that climatic change issues would be high on its agenda, pointing out that "clean renewable energy is the future".

In November, Mrs. Banks announced she would not contest the next elections as a liberal representative after both major political parties have accused of "abusing and intimidating" in the wake of the surrender of leadership in August.

"Strikingly helped many MPs who voted to change leadership in exchange for their individual promotion, pre-election support, or silence," she said in a statement.

"Their works were undoubtedly for themselves. For their position in the Party. Their power. Their personal ambitions. Not for the Australian people we represent. Not for what people voted for at the 2016 elections. "

Mrs. Banks said that the consequences of the outbreak of leadership revealed the "obstructive and combat actions" of the main parties.

"All for political guidance, not for timely, practical and reasonable decisions on issues that Australia is concerned about."

She also targeted liberal "women's issues", saying that the level of respect and respect for women in politics in both major parties was a year behind the business world.

"There is also a clear need for an independent and whistleblower system that is located at many places of work to allow reporting of the misconduct of those in power without fear of retaliation or retaliation," he said.

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