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Kingdom Hearts 3 begins with a great self-sacrifice

Kingdom of Hearts 2 launched for PS2 in 2006, so fans have been waiting for 13 years Kingdom of Hearts 3, who came out this week. It seems that programmers could not resist being sent to the account of all those who afterwards had spinoff after spinoff.

Last night I started Kingdom of Hearts 3, After watching twenty minutes of recap videos, then opening the scene, then another scenes, then more cut scene, I was ready. We cut to the black screen. words "Royal HeartHe faded slowly. And then this screen appeared:

I laughed loudly. Strange naming conventions are a part Royal HeartCharm. In addition to main issue numbers, there is a The Kingdom of the Heart 358/2 days, And Kingdom of Hearts 1.5 and 2.5, and a Kingdom of Heart χ (pronounced "key"). There is even a game called Kingdom of Hearts 2.8and another The Kingdom of the Heart 0.2To add to 2.9 at first it feels angry and then laughs at you.

Because I used to be an asshole who liked to ruin a party of people, I said I was not sure Kingdom of Hearts 3 will ever go out for years, as a way to reel on my friends who have been desperately waiting for him.

Now it felt as if the game was also joking. Be sure, after you pass the first world, you'll see the Home screen for Kingdom of Hearts 3, but it was funny when he found out he was going to wait a little longer.

Other players had a similar reaction to me:


One day, soon, I can play Kingdom of Hearts 3Just not as I thought.

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