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Kristaps Porzingis for Mavericks in six Knick swap players

Forget Anthony Davis.

Dallas Mavericks have withdrawn a trade that changes the franchise by adding the stars of New York Knickers to Kristapsa Porzingis.

ESPN reports Mavs and Knicks have agreed to a monster store that will see Porzingis, Courtney Lee and Tim Hardaway Jr head in Dallas in exchange for Dennis Smith Jr., Wesley Matthews and DeAndre Jordan.

There is a certain risk for Dallas as Porzingis has been kicked out of last season's ACL injury.

But if he returns to fulfill the promise he has shown in his early career in New York, then he will create an awesome duo with the favor of Rookie of the Year by Lukac Doncic.

That move followed after the Latvian star Porzingis expressed concern about Knick's direction at a meeting with the government on Thursday.

Porzingis expressed his concern about the loss, the franchise's direction and the uncertainty that culture is developing, which will enable sustainable organizational success, ESPN reported.

Porzingis had a mini-controversy with David Fizdale in November when Knick's first coach said the 23-year-old striker had not started running as part of his rehabilitation.

A few hours later, Porzingis went to Instagram to release pictures of himself running on the track, with another UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomed, who contained the title: "This is the bull number one."

Now he runs towards Dallas and the league can not fully believe it.

The Knicksi get a point-ahead Smith, who had a triple-double in the garden on Wednesday night, and now he should have enough space for two free agents – with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving straight on the radar.

Source said General Manager Scott Perry and Mavs Chief Donnie Nelson are behind closed doors in the Garden discussing the scenarios when Mavericks faced the Knicks on Wednesday night.

The meeting on Thursday then happened with Porzingis and his agent / brother Janis. The brothers Porzingis expressed concern about the team's direction and loss of culture, and Knicksi had to offer more bids before the trading deadline next Thursday.

The ESPN reported that Knicksi had the impression that Porzingis would like them to be traded. The source says Knicksi does not want a dissatisfied player who does not believe in their plan.

He missed the whole season with his ACL rehabilitation and is not clear whether he will play this season.

The knickers passed Smith into the 2017 draft for Frank Ntilikina. The uber-athletic Smith, who averaged 12.9 points and 4.3 assists per game this season after placing 15.2 and 5.2 as a rookie, was purchased recently, and the post was reported by the Knicks asking about him before season.

Hardaway and Lee have contracts that will not run until 2020. The knickers have bought Lee and Hardaway since the fall of his game since the summer.

According to the source, Porzingis has kept these feelings for several years, leading to his failure at the outgoing meeting after the 2016-17 season, but the Knicksies who allowed the reports of poisoning that might be available at the trade did not fit Camp Porzingis well.

The source says Janis Porzingis worried about Anthony Davis's rumors this week, while Knicksi fell to the bottom of the NBA League at 10-40. Porzingis should be limited to a free agent this summer, and Knicksi could match any offer.

Steve Mills was GM at the time of Porzingis who had fired his outbound meeting with Philom Jackson, then team chairman, and now Mills is in charge. That summer, Mills did not try to visit Porzingis in Europe. Sources suggest mistrust for this.

Porzingis also did not get a contract extension in October because Knicksi wanted to save his place on the caps and be able to sign it over the payroll.

– New York Post

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