Sunday , April 11 2021

Lexus prices and specifications have been discovered

Lexus has announced local pricing and specification specifications for the upcoming UX, with a compact SUV that starts at $ 44,450 plus on the roads.

Price means that the entry level UX200 Luxury is the cheapest Lexus SUV and the second cheapest model in Australia, behind the CT200h input model.

There are two UX200 engines with a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder petrol engine powered by the front wheels, and the UX250h has the same motor that is powered by an electric motor and the option of a front drive or all-wheel drive.

The hybrid adds $ 3,500 for gasoline, while the AWD adds $ 4,500.

Not all details have been revealed, but we know that petrol has 126 kW and 205 Nm, and the hybrid offers 131 kW and a fuel consumption of 4.5 l / 100 km.

Lexus UX.
Camera iconLexus UX.

Each engine is matched to the ever-changing gearbox available in three levels of equipment, and Lexus adheres to its common naming conventions by offering luxury, sports luxury and F-Sport variants.

You can not get luxury UX250h in AWD format.

Standard safety features in luxury variants include pedestrian detection, fast active cruise control, strap-bar assistance, traffic signs, automatic long-light, blind street monitor and rear switch, while other features include a 10.3-inch screen, satellite navigation, digital radio with eight loudspeakers, a leather steering wheel, two-way heated front seats and much more.

The sporty luxury ride adds 18-inch flat-tire wheels, leather upholstery seats, ventilated and semi-inclinable power-assisted front seats, 13-speaker Mark Levinson speaker, adjustable long-range headlights and more while F Sport has unique bumpers, lattice and special 18-inch wheels plus sports seats, steering wheel, gear lever and pedal.

To add to its sporty character, it also has a customizable variable suspension, five driving modes, a rear attenuator and active sound control.

Lexus UX.
Camera iconLexus UX.

There will be numerous additional packages available. The Enhancement Kit adds a handheld chassis, a wireless charger, alloy plates, a dimming lamp, a rear glass and a glass light for $ 1550 or an additional $ 2500.

The $ 5600 F-Sport package adds a roof top, a 13-speaker Mark Levinson sound, a main screen, a panoramic view, and a smart key card, and the Sports Luxury package costs $ 3,500 for the roof cover and smart key card.

Premium color costs $ 1,500 for all variants.

The UX200 comes in the salon later this month, and the UX 250h will follow in January next year.


UX 200

Luxury; Sport luxury; F-Sport

Price 44.450 USD; $ 53,000; $ 53,450

UX 250h

Luxury versions; Sport luxury; F-Sport

Price $ 47,950; $ 56.5 thousand; $ 56,950 (add $ 4,500 for Sport Luxury and F-Sport for AWD)

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