Monday , May 17 2021

Married at first glance viewers complain of Ines after the conflict with Sam

The evening party with her first eyes had surely had her shocking moments, but looking at the soft side of Ines Bašić proved to be the biggest surprise of the night.

Ines, criticized by viewers for treatment of Bronson Norris' husband and affair with Sam Ball, returned Married at first glance ready to put their controversial antiquities behind.

"Tonight I really do not want to talk to Sam, that's because I would not care if Sam left the face of the country," she told the Ines producers openly while she was ready.

But the secretary changed her heart when she arrived and heard that Sam reduced their relationship with other contestants.

As the night approached the end, she decided to face him for their relationship, which came to an end when Sam was surprised at Ines' proposal to keep things out of the show.

– I'm indifferent. No one pays my royal bills for me, "said Ines Sam in distress.

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– I buy my own king of Gucci bags. Shoes on my feet, King bought them. "

But Sam did not have any of it, saying Ines must "relax" and behave "professionally".

– What are you doing to yourself? Sam continued.

– What am I doing? Ines answered, before she got up and pushed to Sam.

– Did you hear yourself? Do not you ever wonder how much I value! You liar! Piece of fat! "

Ines walked away from the table and was comforted by Jessica Power, while Sam laughed and kicked her face with a silk cloth.

Outside dinner, Ines admitted she was "protected because she manipulated me" during their performance.

"I can not believe this guy," she told Ines. – I know I did a lot of bad things, but I came here honestly looking for love. That's really hard. "

The respondent's response to Ines and Sam's confrontation was quick, with some fans who admitted their opinion of a series of changed bad guys.

Meanwhile, others were not convinced and saw Sam's reaction to her as a karma for her earlier action.

Married at first glance continues on Monday at 9.30 pm on channel 9. t

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