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Married at First Sight: James Weir repeats episode 21

The controversial groom “Married at First Sight” stunned everyone at Sunday’s engagement ceremony with a ridiculously cruel stunt that can only be described as a 100 percent blime-fibe with Tracey Jewel certification.

“It’s the ultimate blind screen,” a voice teases him a moment ago.

We don’t believe her at first, because the gossip she usually gives up at the beginning of each episode usually never fills her up. But tonight, she’s not lying. In fact, she’s actually selling the episode because she doesn’t even tease the unnecessary sexual confession that ends up ending up in the carriage of us all.

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We enter tonight’s dedication ceremony already exhausted knowing it’s the third part of a trilogy of Brett and Book splitting up after Patrick’s hit piece. We let out a sonic sigh as we think about all the sepia-backs and endless renditions, we’re forced to sit down.

Booka had a few days to sit down to the discovery that Brett thought she was selfish and hadn’t changed.

“Do you think I’m obsessed with myself?” she asks, turning the conversation back to her, once more.

Meanwhile, Melissa continues to lie to herself about her shitty relationship with Bryce.

“I have no real worries and we are guessing all the ratings. We hope you find it really good tonight! “she radiates.

Oh, Melissa. Familiar last words.

Your marriage is almost a bigger mess than the pile of trash that gathers around Bryce’s nightstand.

At the dedication ceremony, as the quarreling couple Brett and Booka sit on opposite ends of the couch and refuse to even look, expert John Aiken proves that his psychological degree taught him important skills that allow him to deal with things we regular people wouldn’t identify with. .

“I have to say, he feels tense!” he frowned.

That’s a sharp observation, Dr. Aiken.

Booka immediately brings out Patrick’s hit hit.

“It was baking!” declares before raising his decision. “Leave.”

Dramatic music suggests that we should be more shocked than we actually are.

Of course, Brett decides to stay in the experiment which, ex officio Married at first sight the book of rules, means that Booka must also remain against his will.

It swells and we understand. But, Booka, here’s the silver lining. You get another week to talk about yourself!

When Patrick and Belinda skip the couch, we check out. But this, friends, is the first night hair.

Belinda reveals that they have taken another step forward and because of this the sex expert’s eyes become bright as she demands details.

“Well, you know, there are … things about you that you can do, that are … intimate … that lead to sex,” red Belinda.

Sexpert pushes more.

“… Exploring each other’s bodies. And see what we love. Like, touching. Ah … I don’t want to say that! I saw him … ”Belinda giggled before Pat interrupted.

“I got an ah ** djob,” he said.

“Ugh!” Australia screams.

“That’s wonderful!” applaud sex expert ladies.

Stop celebrating this, sex lady!

Where is Booka? We’d rather hear her talk about herself again.

When Bryce and Melissa roll up to the couch, we’re excited to see them. Not because we are interested in their marriage, but because we have been promised an “ultimate blime-fibe” and are curious to see if what happens will be justified by expectations.

As we predicted, the producers are torturing us with feedback recordings in a sepia tone – mostly from a dinner where Bec tried to mingle and tell Melissa that Bryce was flirting with her.

“I’m basically at a time when I’m just fed up and watching my wife target me – from Rebecca!” Bryce points her finger across the room as we all gasp as if we were in a cartoon courtroom drama. “You’re a bully!”

Now it’s already Mel Schilling and he looks around the room and realizes that the past five years on this show haven’t just been a really long nightmare.

“I feel like I’m a few steps ahead of Bryce,” Melissa says, revealing she’s falling in love with Bryce. “And I feel like I’m getting into a relationship pretty quickly. My feelings are growing. And Bryce is a little behind. “

Experts ask if Bryce feels well and we all know what the answer is.

“Hear it, it’s a good feeling,” he begins, clearly opting for the shit sandwich method of delivering bad news – start with a compliment, then pile up the shit, and end with another kind of compliment.

“Am I still in love with her? Um, no, I didn’t, ”he continues.

And one last compliment? “When I say that, I want to be 100 percent authentic.”

OK, we got there. Let’s say.

When it comes time for decision cards, we stand out because the two of them are just stuck in a bad pattern of trying to make this horrible marriage succeed and we assume they will both stay.

Melissa raises the card and confirms our assumption.

But Bryce?

“I feel like I’ve somehow gotten to the point with Melissa where … Um … Oh, it’s hard to even say … I’m in the place where I decided …” he lags behind.

Without finishing the sentence, he raises the card. The word “leave” is crossed out, and the word “stay” is written below.

Everyone is sick and they are calling him to pull off the stunts. They ask many questions, mostly about why he would decide to leave, and then change his mind when he knew all along that Melissa was deciding to stay, so he locked him into an experiment for another week no matter what. I don’t even know if that last sentence makes sense, but, at this point, there’s nothing.

More importantly, why the hell couldn’t anyone find a fresh damn sheet of blank paper for Bryce to rewrite his decision?

Obviously Channel 9 lacks love and paper.

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