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Michael Clarke of Steve Smith, David Warner, Ball Shake, Anh Do

Steve Smith and David Warner will soon be heading for the glory of the World Cup in England, but former skipper Michael Clarke warned of their "second chance," although it will be difficult to get.

Clarke opened two expelled schoolgirls in a broad interview with Anh Doom in his interview with ABC Anh Brush with Fame.

Clarke firmly believes that the embarrassed duo deserves his chance to buy cricket, but will always live with the consequences of scandals in South Africa over them.

"I think that as an athlete, especially in Australia, you can run away with a lot of things," Clarke said.

– You can not get away with cheating. And not so obviously cheating. Like any cheating, but so foolish cheating. I think these three players (Smith, Warner and Cameron Bancroft) will always live with that – and this is a scar that will never disappear.

"In the same breath, I think their punishment is extreme, and I definitely believe they deserve another opportunity."

Clarke can not yet figure out how to be in Smith's shoes at the time, or now, but also said that the trio, especially Smith and Warner, had to think the worst, at least in terms of cricket pressure on them,

"I can not put on his (Smith's) shoes," he said.

"I do not know. Maybe Steve Smith did not feel like he was 100% responsible for running that team.

I think he now definitely understood that, "My God, because I was Captain, I was responsible" for that.

"You get to the stage where you feel you have to take the smash paper to win the cricket game in the depths of ** t."

Clarke was once again open about how it had been through the tragedy of Phil Hughes's death.

The two of them were close to Clarke, who left unforgettable prayers at Smith's funeral, and when he talked about his late friend, Clarke broke in tears as he talked not only about Hughes's talent, but his love for life.

– He was as talented as anyone. In my opinion, he would have played 100 test matches for Australia, Clarke said.

– He was so good. He loved the game so much, but he did not love it – that was his only thing in life.

– You know, he loved his cattle as much as he loved his cricket. He loved his family more than he loved his cricket. But he still had this work ethic there, that desire to be the best he could.

Clarke then told him how to be with Hughes at the hospital, but ended up positively when Do, asked if he thought he might see his partner again what theoretically would have done?

Clarke responded with a smile: "Talk to the cattle, knowing him." They'll talk about their bulls. He loves his cattle.

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