Monday , January 25 2021

Netbrax’s Cobra Kai, Neon’s Yellowstone is among the best new shows airing this week


Hosted by Jackie Tohn and featuring judges David So and Rosemary Shrager, this cooking competition challenges contestants to turn leftover meals into delicious creations.

In each of the eight episodes, three chefs fight in two rounds (one with ingredients you’ll probably find regularly in the fridge or pantry, the other to take away or entertain food for some description), hoping to leave with $ 10,000.


This is perhaps the best and most sinister creation of Shondaland.

Maybe it’s the liberties of working for a streaming service, not network television, but there’s creepiness, sarcasm, and storytelling, which hasn’t always been present in Shonda Rhimes productions. It could also be original material, the mega-popular series of historical love novels by Julie Quinn.

With its animated titles, boiling jealousy, sibling problems, forbidden love affairs and lifting of the bosom (cleavage is definitely a matter of fashion here), you can be forgiven for what you think you stumbled upon Game of Thrones sequel (and certainly at least one candidate for the mother of dragons is on display). Deep down, Bridgerton is simply a lavish costumed drama wittily written and intrigued.

The second season of Earth to Sun, Yellowstone and the third series of Cobra Kai are among the great new shows that are now available for streaming.

It is delivered

The second season of Earth to Sun, Yellowstone and the third series of Cobra Kai are among the great new shows that are now available for streaming.

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Disney +

Earth’s second season to Ned has just arrived at Disney +


Season 3 of this hit Karate Kid spin-off initially focuses on the aftermath of a Western brawl. He left one person fighting for his life, another missing, and Daniel and Ralph Macchio, as well as Johnny (William Zabka), have a reputation in rags. Watch out for the return of another popular character from the original 1984 film.

“One of the smartest restarts in our period drunk with nostalgia,” he wrote Entertainment Weekly Darren Franich.


Jim Henson Company’s latest contribution to the celebrity talk show genre is hosted by an alien who is diverting from his mission to conquer Earth, when he becomes enchanted by the pop culture of our planet. So naturally, he now interviews celebrities. This second series of episodes will feature a number of guest stars, including Molly Ringwald, Margaret Cho, Penn and Teller, Aishu Taylor and Mayima Bialika.

“Meta-comment chat shows and improvised comedies, it’s silly but clever to watch being played at different levels at different ages,” he wrote Sydney Morning Herald’s Craig Mathieson.


Ripper now streams on Netflix


Without a trace Poppy Montgomery stars in this 13-part crime drama set on a Pacific island. She plays Cat Chambers, an impulsive, ruthless and irresistible former thief who has turned into a heavenly governor. “Windy, clear, a little cheeky, a lot of stupid, [this is] an ideal summer show to catch as a nightcap before bed, ”he wrote The Boston Heraldis Mark A. Perigard.


For five years, between 1975 and 1980, the murders of the Yorkshire Ripper cast a dark shadow over the lives of women in the north of England. Thirteen women were dead, and police seemed incapable of catching the killer. No one felt safe – and every man was a suspect.

This four-part true crime documentary features interviews with investigators and witnesses, as well as an examination of the impact of Ripper’s crimes on his victims, their families, survivors – and the reaction in Britain at the time.

Recorded in New Zealand, The Wilds now streams on Amazon Prime Video. The first episode is also available for free on the YouTube streaming service page.


A drama of partial survival, partly dystopian fun, this ten-part drama filmed in New Zealand follows a group of teenage girls from different backgrounds who have to fight for survival after a plane crash stranded them on a deserted island. The missing clash and connect as they learn more about each other, the secrets they keep, and the traumas they all survived. Naturally, there’s a twist – these girls didn’t end up on this island by accident.

While there is a certain closeness to the premise, the performance feels fresh, the young female lineups are equally impressive and the drama brings advantage and authenticity, which could only make this one of the bit hits of the summer.


Kevin Costner is the title of this wide-ranging American drama, which first began showing in 2018. It focuses on the Dutton family of Montana, owners of one of the largest ranches in North America and friends and enemies threatening their existences.

Although older viewers can draw parallels with the torments of the Ewing family Dallas, showrunnerica Taylor Sheridan (Hell or high water) Dutton’s Chronicle boasts much more depth, nuance, and gravity – and it seems unlikely to resort to a narrative trick to get out of the hole.

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