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Pablo's Escoburgers Melburn Restaurant Causes Despair for Names, Menus

The pop-up cafe with burgers located in the suburbs of Melbourne, Prague, faces a large number of attackers over their burger post.

Pablo Escoburgeri, named after the famous Colombian drug Pablo Escobar, sent last night a picture of controversial burgers on their Facebook page.

Since loading the image – with the inscription that says "the notorious patron burger to which people coincide" – many people were attacking the job because of its bad taste.

It's a picture of burgers on top with white powder (a garlic florist decoration) and a wrapped, fake 100 dollar bills.

Escobar was led by a Colombian cartel that delivered most of the world's cocaine in the late 1980s.

"I'm not quite sure how to feel about it," someone said, pointing to their friends.

"Which white powder was poured into the top of the roll," another commentator asked.

"How can we explain to people that it is not fun? Try to do this with Hitler and see what's going to happen. Use your brains – added another user.

Others have said it is a "great use of drugs".

But they were not all offended and came to defend the burgers and even praised his creativity.

"I like it, a glowing game of words, illuminate the peps," one person said.

– Hells yes! Drame to the side! These burgers are delicious! Everyone has to stop being a hanger! You already eat hamburgers, "added another Facebook user.

"It looks great! I love all the princesses that haha ​​haha."

On Saturday, Escoburgers co-owner Vaughn Marks came to his Facebook page saying that the restaurant had great hatred of the Colombian community, "blessing their souls".

"If you can take 2 minutes to review us to reverse the 2-star rating we have now, it would be great! Thank you for your love. You can clearly see the difference between people who have tried our tasty burgers and Colombians who just do not like the name. Thank you."

Because of the annoyance of the image, the pop-up issued an official statement on the Escoburgers Faebook page the next day, under the heading "Not here for insult."

"We are very proud of our burgers, but we also understand that Pablo Escobar was a terrible man who destroyed the lives of thousands of Colombians," he said in a statement.

– We do not approve, idolize or promote Pabla Emilia Escobar or his actions. However, we are Australians and we know how to laugh at a good word game.

– It's just a pop-up burger bar name that's really not a topic. It's hard not to offend someone 2019. "

In Facebook's statement, it was reported that many Colombian people enjoyed hamburgers.

"Get people on high roads, relax and learn to forgive and forget! Anyway, we love you the same way and we know you will love our burgers. to enjoy!"

Escobar raised itself as shame as the head of the medellin card that delivered most of the world's cocaine in late 1980s. Karting wars have shown that Colombia has become the world's top killer, and Escobar has paid the killers to target the police, executing hundreds. He was murdered in 1993.

Mr. Marks said he did not plan to change the name of the pop-up.

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