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Prince Philip will not be charged with a collision

Prince Philip will not be charged with a car accident in front of Queen's Sandringham, which left two women in hospital treatment.

The Criminal Prosecution Office has just announced that no further action against the "driver involved" will be taken in the wake of January 17th.

The office said it would not be in the public interest to bring an indictment against a 97-year-old Queen's husband who voluntarily withdrew from the driving license almost a month after the accident.

"The CPS carefully reviewed the material that was filed by the police," the statement said in a statement.

"We took into account all the circumstances in this case, including the level of guilt, driving age and driving license.

"We have decided that it will not be in the public interest to process it."

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The inconvenience occurred when Prince Philip drove his Land Rover from a side road to Norfolk near the Sandringham estate and pulled out of the main road.

The car that travels on the main road is driven by a 28-year-old woman with a 45-year-old passenger and a boy in the back of the car, "Land Rover Prince Philip"

The driver got cuts and bruises and was taken to the hospital while the traveler got a broken wrist and also required hospitalization.

The baby was unharmed.

Prince Philip went to hospital for the next day.

The car rolled over, and from his damn vehicle helped the passers-by who pulled him out of the roof.

Prince Philip later apologized to the two women, saying he did not see their car when he was pulled out of the road and was blinded by the late afternoon sun.

Until the driver of the vehicle ever spoke publicly, the passenger, Elizabeth Wainwright, criticizes the Duke of Edinburgh and believes he should be charged.

There were speculations that he would face charges, especially after the police stole it when he was photographed two days later without a seat belt.

However, the Criminal Prosecution Office reported that all those involved in the accident were informed of their decision not to attend.

It was said that the decision was made after consideration of all the submitted evidence and "in accordance with the two-stage test in the Code of Civil Prosecution".

"Any CPS decision does not imply any finding of guilt or criminal behavior; The CPS makes decisions only in accordance with the test set out in the Code of Civil State Prosecution and applies in all decisions on whether to prosecute or not, "the service quotes.

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