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Result, rank, Max Verstappen vs. Charles Leclerc, position of Daniel Ricciard

The Red Bull Max Verstappen won the Austrian Grand Prix for the second consecutive year, after a three-hour investigation into the steward, while Mercedes champions lost their first season this season.

Ferrari's Charles Leclerc finished second in the second place after defending hard against Verstappen with two young men who hit the wheels as the Dutchman passed through three rounds of the end.

Both 21, the pair were the youngest top two finishers in the history of Formula 1. t

Verstappen took on Sunday a boxing flag in the Red Bull stadium and thousands of Dutch fans with orange shirts that braved him, but they had a nervous wait for confirmation. His clash with Leclerc was eventually considered a race incident and no action was taken.

Valtteri Bottas won third place for Mercedes with Lewis Hamilton, the winner of the previous four races, fifth behind Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel.

Australian Daniel Ricciardo finished 12th in Renault.

The ferocious Hamilton world champion remains in good standing, 31 is far from Finnish Botta after nine of the 21 races.

The winner was the first for a Honda car, because British Jenson Button won in Hungary in 2006 for his team of Japanese manufacturers, and a welcome antidote for the boring French Grand Prix last weekend.

He also completed the Mercedes start of 10 wins in a row and eight in the season.

"For Honda to win again here incredible," Verstappen said.

"It's hard to race, otherwise we'll have to stay home. If these things are not allowed in races, what's the purpose to be in Formula 1," he added when they asked him for calls to the Leclerc overclocking coaches.

Monegasque, imposed wide, said he would allow the warden to decide.

"It was clear to me that I was out, left the car's width, touched and went wide and it was a pity," he said after he lost his first win this season for the second time.


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