Sunday , June 20 2021

Sarah Michelle Gellar apologizes after the followers expressed concern about "promotion of diet" in Instagram post

Sarah Michelle Gellar said she was "terribly sorry" for insulting people after a series of Instagram images she reported was labeled as "harmful" and "encouraged" by several fans.

The pictures show the actor who poses in the black lingerie for 2007 Maxim painting.

Below, on the cover, a 41-year-old was teased to put pictures on the screen in his home to stop from being too busy at Thanksgiving, which is taking place on Thursday.

But fans could not see the funny side, accusing the star of "fat shameful" and questioning the implication of people feeling guilty of being overwhelmed.

"Projection of the idea that we should restrict ourselves to eating foods to be skinny is a dangerous and harmful mindset that obviously endangers the minds of many, including celebrities, as is quite clear here," one user commented.

No one should feel guilty of eating, the period. "

Others agree with the script: "This text once again proves that nutrition culture is really everywhere and that so many women have taken such thoughts. It is really shameful."

Some have defended the actor, with one man arguing that the gable sign of Gellar was embarrassing.

"I think it is so unfair that women are always in disarray because of their size, it is thin and tinted – tell me how unhealthy it is?" They wrote. "Everyone should stand together instead of being put together."

Gellar responded to criticism by announcing a statement on Monday, clarifying her light intentions.

"It came to my attention that some people think I'm" masturbating "with this post. It can not be further than my intentions," she said.

"I love the Thanksgiving Day and unfortunately my eyes are often bigger than the belly, and I tend to eat so much that I get sick. This was a humorous reminder that I did not do it."

Cruel Intentions the star continued, explaining how she hoped people would think her post was funny.

"I'm terribly sorry that people are offended by my humorous attempt, and who knows me, I do not know that I will never" embarrass "anyone on any ground, I'm the champion of all people."

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