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Sekiro boss guide and walk

Sekiro: Twice die in the shadows is tough as the nails – perhaps from the toughest game so far – require some honest skills and the right to shake out the tried and tested methods you could use in Soulsborne's games.

Our Passing through Sekiro and that Sekiro guide The hub is there to help you: we will collect each individual guides page we have for the game, plus every step of our (currently in-progress) introduction, including Sekiro boss guide and boss list lead you through Heads. mini bosses and all the key moments between.

On this page:

Sekiro passage – our Sekiro boss guide and boss list

Our step is still in progress, as well as our stand-alone guides for different game mechanics – check it even more in the days after launch, but for now, here are the key pages we have had for you for the time being:

Sekiro's bosses and passage – Ashina Outskirts

Sekiro boss list and walk – Hirata Estate

Sekiro boss list and walkway – Ashina Castle

Much more to follow!


Sekiro guide – all our Sekiro guides in one place

Like our passage above, our Sekiro guide list continues to grow, and you will see many more pages that will appear here over the next few days and weeks.

Here's what we have for now.

Sekiro guides

Much more to follow!

Sekiro Bosses Fight Tip: Key Things to Know About How To Get Through Sekiro: Shadow's Die Double Heads

Our past instructions are primarily focused on the struggles of bosses and mini bosses, so most of the time is about fighting.

Keeping this in mind, here are some key things that you need to know, or just generally have in mind when diving into the boss's fight or doing your way through the game. Combine these tips with the details we check on each of our top boss sites and you'll be on the hose.

You will have to get used to the various unbalanced attacks and their counters if you want to succeed.

Winged Chiefs of Fighters

  • The Bank is the next skill point "If you know that you are fighting for a boss or a mini boss and near a sculpture idol, it's worth mixing a few trenches until you reach the next Skill Point point. Every time you die you lose all your progress to the next point, so do not risk all this XP and only last last killing to mark yourself before the next big bad thing is done.
  • Fill Pellets – The supplier is pretty early, shortly after the other mini-boss, General Naomori Kawarade (at the far left of the next area, listen to the dangers of water flowing to him). Use vendors when you see them and do not be afraid to travel quickly back to them before the boss struggles to make up for it. The bullet of the ball can make a difference, and Sen has to spend on something!
  • Invest your Sen in a Light Coin purse "That's what you said, if you have the burden of snapping the holes in your pocket, if you do not waste it, buy Light Coin Purses with him." Sounds stupid, but they can be 'activated' when you need them, and safely store Sen for sure – you will not lose the Light Coin Purses to death but you lose half your Sen.
  • Be more aggressive than you used to – This is even more covered in our Sekiro fighter guides, but it feels embarrassing to be aggressive in the game that punishes your mistakes, but it is necessary. Get to know your rock-paper scissors matchups for dangerous attacks and how to counteract them, get read on enemy roster attacks and prepare for psychic attack, dodge, jump, and turn in the right time. There will be several great battles in which you will not have to do all this at some point.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice – Do not ignore the friendly trained zombie near the proud temple. Every time you learn new skills or make significant progress, take the time to visit and practice. Set the rule as "do not leave until you complete each new workout without damages" and you will be amazed at the differences it makes for your fight during the game.
  • Use whatever is available to you, but do not rely on it – You will find that many bosses and general battles can be found. Removing enemies in the oil, then setting fire to the prosthetics, or reliant on a prosthetic firefighter to stun bosses and getting free hits. , but do not rely on them. If you use them as a stick, you will soon be hit by a boss who is immune to them, and then without time spent in mastering the basics of the fight, you will really fight.

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