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Sydenham's wife found dead in the house, Vicki Ramadan, reported on the burglaries, police say


April 7, 2019 18:17:54

The police have asked for public information on the latest moves of a 77-year-old woman found dead in her home in Melbourne on Saturday.

Key points:

  • On March 29, Ramadan found a neighbor who wandered in the confused space
  • She had reported several incidents before the police, including the incursions
  • Police say the neighboring house that was visited in the scooter was part of their investigation

The master who came to fix the fence Vicki Ramadan found his body in his home at Marlborough Way, Sydenham, in the northwest of the city, at 9:45.

The man entered the house through the open back door when he did not get a response to the front, Sergeant Sergeant Ross told reporters.

"This is a terrifying temptation for neighbors in this area," he said.

"Everyone is shocked about the discovery of the body of the lady found and becoming the subject of a murder investigation."

The police appealed for public aid to track 77-year-old movements between March 29, when her neighbor found her in a confused state and took home on April 6th.

"It's important to stop the movement of these ladies," said Detective Sergeant Ross.

"Many neighbors in this area know Vicki as it has been for some time in the area.

"We appeal to anyone who may have seen something suspicious at that address during that time … the most important thing is to contact us and provide this information."

The police said that Mrs. Ramadan regularly visited local shopping centers, including Watergardens Town Center, and used public transport, including buses and taxis.

Detective Sergeant Ross said that Mrs. Ramadan suffered "some injuries," but did not want to describe them in detail.

On Sunday, autopsy was carried out to determine the cause of death.

Detective Sergeant Ross did not want to comment whether Mrs. Ramadan was attacked by a gun.

He urged local residents to contact the police if they found unusual things in their gardens.

He said the investigators were trying to find out whether someone had entered the house and confirmed that Mrs. Ramadan had previously reported a number of incidents on her own property to the police, including the burglary.

"It's a question we still see clearly," he said.

"Whether it's a targeted attack or not, it's too late for me."

He said that the nearby address that the squats are visiting is part of the investigation.

Detective Sergeant Ross said that Mrs. Ramadan was alienated from her family.

"He did not have much contact with his family over a certain period of time, we talked to the family and helped us in our investigations," he said.

Anyone with information is invited to contact Crime Stoppers at 1800 333 000.


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