Wednesday , June 23 2021

Teenage sweethearts died in a collision with a teacher

At the moment of silent thinking, the pupil knelt down to secure a pink rose on the Adelaide Hills signpost.

An incredible tribute was placed on an improvised monument for two years, 12 sweets killing in a collision.

Hayden Perkins, 17, from Callington and his passenger Mikayla Eastwood, 18, from Strathalby, traveled to Mazda 323, which raced on Tuesday with Hyundai i30 at Long Valley Rd, Gemmells, about 4:40 pm. The tragedy was further deepened after the Hyundai driver came to school at Eastern Fleurie where the young couple has just finished the 12th year.

Woman Mt Barker, 31, suffered less injury and received school support.

Family and friends pairs have established GoFundMe sites to help cover the cost of the funeral.

Several dead people left the scene at the scene of an accident, intended for additional security enhancements by the state government.

The police investigate the circumstances of the collision.

Friends fell into love couple, who loved to play sports.

President of Football Club Strathalbyn Strikers told Nick Brook advertiser the young couple was "inseparable" for many years.

He said Mikayla was a gifted player, and his love for soccer was so great that, of course, he began training young girls last year.

"She was a very talented defender (i) defensive midfielder," Mr. Brook said.

"Several times he went to Fiji with the Football Association team and had a very bright future ahead."

Mr Brook said that in 2017 Mikayla had managed a side under 8, and this season he trained under 13.

He said Hayden was always seen in football training.

"Hayden never played football, he liked basketball, but as he trained, he would be there for help," he said.

"He was always ready to help and be with Mikayl."

Mr Brook said Mikayla's upset family still in disbelief, can not understand their precious loss.

Mikaylan's employer, Little Rockets Play Cafe at Murray Bridge, said he was "sad" to learn about her death.

"Mikayla was a hard-working, dedicated employee and will be missed in the Little Rockets family," he said in the social media.

Mikayla's mournful mother said her family was "absolutely devastated" in emotional Facebook.

School principal Lind Fleurieu Ann Prime said the 12th diplomacy will continue in the next two weeks.

She said that a special ceremony would admit both students, but other celebrations were canceled due to parity.

"It's extremely sad, it should be a celebration of 12 years at the end of the year," she said.

The prime minister said the tragedy would affect many students.

"During the weeks and months, there will be times when the community will have to stick to each other," she said.

Counseling will be offered to students, including those who have completed the 12th year.

In the statement, Eastern Fleurie's director, Ian Kent, offered his deepest condolences to friends and family Mikayli and Hayden.

"(We are) deeply sad and shocked by the tragic death of two of our 12 students last night," said Mr. Kent.

Mayor of Mayor Alexandrina Keith Parkes said the loss of two young lifestyles had a significant impact on the "close rural community" Strathalbyn and Callington.

"It's a devastating one. The community would be terribly upset about the whole thing," Mr Parkes said.

Mr. Parkes admitted that the cause of the accident was yet to be determined, but said that Long Valley Rd was known for earthquakes and near misses.

"Certainly we are a road, as a community, concerned about it," he said.

"We consider it a very dangerous road. It is a road with limited ability to pass and it is a very busy road."

Mr Parkes said the Council had put numerous appeals to the state government to improve road safety.

"We have repeatedly asked the Government to look at it and put even more strips," he said.

Mayor of Cape Town, Mt. Barker Ann Ferguson, said this week would try to meet with Kavel's representative, Dan Cregan, to consider how security can be improved on the road.

"It has been prominent over many years due to the deaths that have taken place," said Mrs. Ferguson.

"This is the path of the state government and we have the grace. I will ask (Mr Cregan) whether he will be able to examine (road) or put more police on that surveillance.

Ferguson said she had the greatest care for the road that speeded the car driver. The State Government spokesman confirmed that the Council of Alexandria has written to the present and previous governments about that path.

"Long Valley Rd has been upgraded over the past few years with upgrades, including security barriers, guard fences, shoulder and intersection upgrades," the spokesman said.

"The new government will work with the council on delivering additional security measures at Long Valley Rd."

The deaths of teenagers take over the state toll at 68, compared to 87 at the same time last year.

The tragedy came just a day after a young woman died in a major accident on the Dukes highway, about 2 miles north of Keith.

The Southeast woman, 19, who was the driver of one of the cars, died at the scene.

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