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The director departed after 'astonishing. view

An upsetting director's trail that pulled the boy through the playground shook his school in Melbourne.

The video, released yesterday on social media, shows Steve Warner, the Manor Lakes P-12 college director at Wyndham Vale, southwestern Melbourne, who pulls his hand across the country.

Despite the support of the chief – who was now hurt by the incident – sent by more than 200 parents through an internet petition, the recordings were rounded up by other parents and leaders of education.

Education Minister James James Merlin said in a statement the recording was "astonishing and worrying."

"Let me be very clear, I will not tolerate such totally unacceptable behavior in our schools," he said.

"An independent investigation of the behavior of the staff member will be carried out and he immediately got up while this is happening."

It is believed that the boy's family talked to the police.

They said Herald Sunyes, while the boys were doing badly, they did not have to pull it.

"Yes, he behaved badly, but he did not physically abused the teachers," one relative said.

"Regardless of his behavior, he should not be treated like that."

However, some parents began a campaign to return Mr Warner after the reaction.

"He had an incredible impact on the school and her (sic) students," she says in an internet petition. "Steve's dedication to the school community was enormous."

The organizers wrote that Mr Warner "turned to school".

"The worst outcome of this situation would be to lose the school as a leader and leader. His work has just started to work and there are only good things that could come from him to continue his role, "they wrote.

"We're asking his dedicated work at school is not useless for an isolated incident."

A spokeswoman for the Education and Training Department told ABC that she was aware of the video and started an investigation.

"All school staff are expected to support departmental values ​​and adhere to the standards of child safety," the spokeswoman said.

The P12 Manor Lakes P12 website statement says: "Out of the staff, students and communities at the Manor Lakes P-12 college, it is expected to model our four expectations and behaviors to show respect, evaluate our community, target high and be safe"

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