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The fantastic blunder of the Beast was angry with the fans

HARRY Potter's fans say they have noticed a big mistake in the new movie Fantastic Beasts – including Professor McGalagal.

List of actors for the second film, Crimes of Grindelwald, was released and includes a popular teacher of Hogwarts transformation.

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However, Potter-mad fans signaled that from the new film set in 1927, the fictitious head of the Gryffindor House was not yet born, reports Sun.

Although not explicitly mentioned in Harry Potter books the exact day it was born, the fans have elaborated a date that will be in 1935.

In the fifth book, Red from Phoenix, Professor McGonagall reveals that he started working at Hogwarts in December 1956 after working for the Ministry of Magic two years after graduation.

This would mean that she graduated in 1954, and assuming that the witch did not have to repeat any year, she would be a student of the first year in 1947 and was born in 1935.

Warner Bros. he confirmed that Minerva McGonagall would appear Fantastic beasts: Criminals of Grindelwald and also revealed how actress Fiona Glascott is acting.

Glascott previously starred in the film Brooklyn and TV shows Indian Summer.

Fans were taken to Twitter to share how unhappy they are in casting – and ask J.K. Rowling what the hell is going on.

The film is set to feature another Hogwarts teacher, and Jude Law plays young Dumbledore.

Fantastic beasts: Criminals of Grindelwald will be released in Australia next Thursday, November 16th.

He opens the spot where he left the first film, featuring Newt Scamander, played by Eddie Redmayne, meeting wizards and magical creatures in New York.

The second film says it involves a lot of action in and around the UK – including scenes on Hogwarts.

Will it be a magical explanation for McGonagall's look? We'll have to wait and see.

This story originally appeared in The Sun and was released here with permission.

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