Brothers Trese is a famous developer made up of two brothers Cory and Andrew Trese. Their studio seeks to focus their efforts on the development of mobile strategic games, and over the years the company has built a deserved companion. Last August Trese Brothers released a new entry in the popular Star Traders series on PC instead of mobile phones, and many fans wondered whether the title would ever reach Android. Well, thanks to the recent announcement covered by Matt Wales in Eurogamer, it looks like Star Traders: Frontiers finally comes to the Play Store on January 30th.

Since Star Traders: Frontiers available on the PC in the last six months, it's easy to find reviews and video games if you're curious about playing. For the most part, this is a science-fantasy themed RPG where you can command your spaceship and crew while taking on the role of your choice, such as a pirate, a merchant, or a blackjack hunter. His reception was positive despite early start-ups, and development teams have definitely kept both hands on the steering wheel all the time, as over the past six months there have been significant updates to the game.

It's been a while since the Android Brothers game was released on Android so it's nice to see the development programs that give our platform some love with the release of Star Traders: Frontiers next week. We know that launching a mobile device will be held on January 30 and that the game will be on the same level as the PC edition and its content at a low cost of $ 6.99. So, if you are a fan of strategic games with deep mechanics and hundreds of hours of content, then make sure that the upcoming edition of Star Traders: Frontiers is on your radar.