Tuesday , May 18 2021

The pathologist claims that the injury that killed Dian's prince "Little in a Misdemeanor"

More than 20 years have passed since the death of Princess Diane, but speculations about the fatal car crash in Paris that killed her, are still widespread.

According to Dr. Richard Shepherd, the great forensic pathologist in Britain, the injuries sustained by Diana were small but deadly because they were "in the wrong place".

In the excerpt from his book Unnatural causes Published in Post on Sunday, discusses in detail the accident that killed her.

Princess Diana. (AP / AAP)

The pathologist claims that the late mother of William and Harry "suffered only a few broken bones and a small chest injury-but that involved a small tear in the vein in one of her lungs."

Dr. Shepherd has a career that lasted for more than 30 years and previously investigated evidence of terrorist attacks on September 11 and bomb attacks in London on 7/7, but reveals that Diana had been extremely severely injured.

"Her specific injury is so rare that in my entire career I do not believe I've seen another," he explains.

"Diana was a very minor injury – but in the wrong place."

Paparazzi princesses Diane
Prince Harry previously blamed the paparazzi for causing his mother's death. (AP / AAP)

The Princess of Wales was taken to the Pitie-Salpetriere hospital in Paris and operated for hours, but doctors failed to revive after entering the heart attack.

It was announced dead on August 31, 1997 at 4 am.

In a 2017 documentary on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of Diana's death, her sons Prince William and Prince Harry blamed their mother's death on paparazzi that had driven her into the Parisian tunnel.

Harry acknowledged one of the "toughest things he had to reconcile" was that those who drove him into the tunnel still photographed while he was injured in the back of the car.

"She had a very serious head injury but was still alive in the back seat," the 34-year-old said BBC documentary.

"And those people who caused the accident, instead of helping, photographed her dying in the back seat."

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