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The rabies of banks for locking the royal commission

"It's unheard of," one banker said.

"For the first time members of our staff will know if Hayne will recommend us to prosecute us for criminal reports in media articles," he said.

Several banks expected that they would be allowed to block the industry and plan to send some internal lawyers and policy experts.

For the first time, our staff members will know if Hayne has recommended us to persecute us for criminal reports, and this will be in media articles.

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Instead, the Australian Banking Association, led by former Prime Minister of Queensland Anna Bligh, will attend the closing.

One bank source said that the ABA, although giving banks detailed policy analysis, do not expect the organization to provide line-by-line allegations of allegations against large banks.


Several banks have admitted that they have acted badly in response to preliminary findings published after the first six rounds of hearings during the royal commission, but the banks also denied many accusations against them.

Bankers are still particularly concerned about the government's abduction of the report to achieve political points ahead of the expected destruction of federal elections.

Public release of the report coincides with the approach of the stock market.

"This evening we will try to get a statement on the market, but that will be a big issue," said another representative.

Other banks were cautious about their ability to release the statement to shareholders and the public on February 4th in the evening.

Sarah is a business center reporter based in Melbourne.

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