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The scooter complaints include the mayor of Little Rock

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Mayor of Little Rock Frank Scott Jr.,
responding to complaints, he wants the town to talk to the Lime scooter company safer work in the city. Good luck.

Mayor Frank Scott Jr. wrote on Tuesday in Twitter: "Mobility devices, including electronic scooters, have posed challenges for the safety of drivers, pedestrians and others. These devices must be driven on the sidewalks inside [Little Rock city limits], Such devices are not motor vehicles and can not be driven in the streets. "

Scott says city attorney Tom Carpenter writes a letter to Lime on behalf of the City Board Director, "to determine the next steps we need to take to ensure the safety and quality of life of both mobile drivers and everyone else."

Here's the problem: I'm not sure that the use of the sidewalk (the only leg-site for jumping in Little Rock) is safer than being used on the street, just what the Northern Little Rock officer did when some Lime scooters dumped in that city despite the lack of a contract for their use it there.

Scott heard complaints from Heights Heights on children on the sidewalk at the Kavanaugh shopping mall. I came across several children – no helmet, about eight years old – that were switched twice and insecure on the uneven portion of the stock next to Kavanaugh a few days ago. They took a little care of those who were on foot. As the other old grump noted to me, their parents gave a credit card to the kids. Some of these same parents, I presume, have let their kids roll around the neighborhood in a golf cart that is not intended for street use.

In short: Get off my lawn!

I will determine that the city has major problems. The notorious, but noteworthy: The article in today's Democratic Gazette says Scott, who promised increased transparency in the city administration, wants the "working groups" he names to advise on various city issues and to be closed to the public.

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