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The Victorian Liberals close the injection site of the week if they are elected

"Victory can see that the government of the liberal-nation states will hit the country … to make the state more profitable and more accessible, to return to the control of the population of congestion, crime, and indeed to start the long process of decentralization," he said.


The election promise expense will be announced on Thursday, Guy said.

"We will not raise taxes like the government of work," he said.

On the promise to close the North Richmond Injection Room immediately, Mr. Guy said it was unbearable to have a drive next to elementary school.

"I would not want to put ice next to my school's primary school and therefore I will not tolerate it next to other primary school children – so we'll close it," he said.

Government Andrews released data in September, pointing out that the staff in the facility treated 140 people for overdose in the first three months.

Premier Daniel Andrews welcomed a successful trial in response to Mr. Guy's advocacy Wednesday.

"That trial saves lives. To do this in other ways, these lives will not be saved. It is very, very simple," he said.

Liberia Health Organization spokeswoman Mary Wooldridge said the coalition would work with North Richmond Community Health on alternative heroin and ice help in the area.

The coroner's report states that 34 dead in heroin in 2016 died in North Richmond.

Another priority in the first 100 days would be to review contracts for all "skyrail" crossings to determine if they can change them.

The development of Victoria – the agency Andrews appointed to work secretly to develop a jumble railroad rail – will be in charge of selecting the best route for the East West Link.

The authority set up to build a $ 15.8 billion road link for Northeast Link could get an extra toll for East West Link toll, which began within the first 100 days of early 2015.

Injected safe medical supplies.

Injected safe medical supplies.Credit:Darrian Traynor

Ambitious ambitious targets for renewable energy sources will be discarded early next year and will start the process of subsidizing energy-efficient refrigerators and TVs for low-income workers.

The moratorium on conventional exploitation and gas extraction on land would be cut off by legal regulations next year, at a time when the Opposition said it would reduce household energy costs and job prosperity.

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