Saturday , June 19 2021

Updating the Man's Sky would not be enormous

No Man's Sky almost ended as a tragic story of an ambitious game that is a bit more than it could chew. Fortunately, developer Hello Games has managed to manage a boat not only to save it, but also to prove that the initial disappointing edition is actually the only foundation of the bigger things to come. It seems that even bigger things are soon saved for players, now that the developmental vision for the next upgrade, appropriately called "Vision", has expired.

It was barely half a year since Hello Games launched NO MAN'S NEXT, an update that has become the game's salvation. In addition to improved graphics and performance, the update has brought some of the gaming elements that No Man's Sky promised early, including multiplayer content. Now that once the firm grounding is strengthened, developers are now thinking about new things, maybe to see how good it is.

If there is one word that seems to describe the Vision update, it is "more". More bioma, five or five times more, more anomalous life forms, and more to rescue. Digging will no longer be just for cleaning resources, but for hunting foreign fossils. Maybe some future update will enable you to revive those life forms.

As with any procedurally generated content, you will not say what you would find. You may even encounter crumbling cargo scraps that can of course be extracted for your base and equipment. And you will surely need to survive the harder surroundings the Councils will leave behind you.

The update will also bring some fun elements, such as new emotes, and even launch fireworks. Suffice it to say, now that the cat from the bag, the players as well as the critics will be ready to stop at everything that Hello Games will have to say about the update we hope will soon be.

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