Monday , July 26 2021

Vietnam provides slot for Formula 1 in 2020

Hanoi image look: Formula 1 Twitter

Formula 1 announced that the Virovitica Grand Prix will be appearing on the calendar in 2020.

It will be held in the streets of Hanoia, the first round will be held in April as part of a multi-annual deal with the Vingroup promoter.

Hanoi was the first new place to sign F1, as Liberty bought the championship in January 2017.

The circuit designed for Tilke will be a 5,565 km long and semi-durable construction with a borehole and surrounding areas that will be built for purpose, but then forms a public road.

According to F1, in the opposite direction of the clock, it borrows a number of elements from the existing space.

The first two corners are reminiscent of those at Nurburgring, tournaments from 12 to 15 are similar to Sainte Devote to Massenet and 16 and 19 are similar to Suzuki's Eses.

There is a section of nearly 1.5 km of nearly straight track, approximately vertical to the main plane, culminating in a speed trap where cars are expected to hit 335 km / h.

Vietnam brings the number of F1 host countries in the Southeast Asia region back to four, with China, Japan and Singapore.

"We are glad to announce that Hanoi will host the Grand Prix Formula 1," said F1 Chase Carey, Executive Director.

"Since we joined this sport in 2017, we talked about the development of new destination cities to expand the appeal of Formula 1 and the Vietnam Grand Prix to realize this ambition.

"We are delighted to be here in Hanoi, one of the most exciting cities in the world now with such a rich history and incredible future in front of him.

"This is the perfect formula for the Grand Prix race and I am looking forward to becoming the top F1 calendar."

President of Hanoi Nguyen Duc Chung said: "We are proud to hold the Grand Prix for Formula One in Vietnam and to present the city of Hanoi with a special combination of ancient and modern beauty from 2020.

"It is a further demonstration of religious ability as one of the fastest growing economies in the world to host events globally and attract tourism to the country.

"It provides an opportunity for the domestic investment in Vietnam and it is important to bring an exciting wheel to the Formula 1 race race in Vietnam."

Vingroup is a Vietnamese conglomerate with a strong focus on real estate development, but also owns a new VinFast brand.

"It is our pleasure to see that our work with Formula 1 to secure this business has finally come to fruition," said Nguyen Viet Quang's director.

"An important part of this co-operation was to ensure not only to introduce the city of Hanoi, but also to provide an exciting race for fans of Formula 1 in Vietnam and around the world.

"With the mission of" better living for the Vietnamese people, "Vingroup wants to bring this race to Vietnam because of the overall benefits for society as more jobs will be created, Hanoi's infrastructure will be upgraded, and the other bigger in the world the events will be stimulated to held in Vietnam.

"For Vingroup individually, through the F1 racing event, we will proclaim the first Vietnamese car maker, VinFast, to millions of audiences in the world."

The event will not receive state funding, according to newspapers in Singapore Straits Times.

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