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What actually happened behind Kerri-Anne and Yumi stoush


If you are a colored woman in Australia, you can often find yourself jammed in the Bermuda Triangle Derailed Conversations.

Let me explain.

I'm on the panel or I talk to a colleague or the internet. I am talking about the challenges of being a Muslim as the second generation of migrants in Australia.

A white male (or female) colleague or co-panelist or online commentator told me, "About what Saudi Arabia. You're not happy about not living in Saudi Arabia. See how they live? And instead of complaining about x, y, z in Australia, what are you doing with Saudi women? "

About what. About what. It's so common that it's almost routine.

It is the same tactic, probably unknowingly, which Kerri-Anne Kennerley used in her sting with Yumi Stynes ​​at Studio Ten earlier this week.

But do not be deceived whataboutery.

These same people who take care of my experience and hide my experience under the guise of caring for women seem to not notice the irony of talking about me or throwing red harps to avoid talking.

That's what whataboutery is – an attempt to humiliate, reduce, silence and rejection.

As if two questions can not exist at the same time. As if we were talking about a question, it does not allow action to be taken on it, and that taking action is not a collective responsibility.

This is a varied tactic Tara Moss called in his book "The Troll about Fake Concern" Speaking. Person essentially excludes a conversation pointing to another situation elsewhere, a tactic that may appear in all fields and settings.

"Maybe you should spend less time on X, and more time at Y" should trigger a warning that Diversion 1, AKA Faux Troll concerns, may be launched, "Moss writes.

She gives her an example "Maybe you should take less time to worry about the refugees and take more time to worry about the poor people born in your country."

The question should not be whether Kennerley's comments were racist.

It is important not to catch the smoke and the mirror whataboutery, but to see what it is. The trick that turns from his knees is what Toni Morrison spoke in his famous quote: "Function, a very serious function of racism is distraction. This prevents you from doing your job. He constantly and again explains the reason for existence.

Instead of joining in knots trying to get busy whataboutery, the best way to deal with it is to call it a deviation for what it is, examine it and return it back to the deflector.

The purpose of this elimination often does not arise from concern for women. Weapons in the struggle for minority members as racist ammunition to dehumanize under the guise of 'care' – It's old as I am colonialism.

An Egyptian-American scientist Leila Ahmed in his book Women and gender in Islam he notes that feminist language is often used to justify imperial projects. 19th century British colonial administrator in Egypt, Lord Cromer often used feminist language as a thin layer to justify English domination, complaining of the treatment of local women as a justification for violently reforming "culturally inferior" Egyptian through a benevolent English intervention.

"Feminism on the domestic front and feminism against white people should have resisted and suppressed, but taken abroad and directed against the cultures of colonized peoples, it could be promoted in a way that is beautifully used and encourages the project of a white man's domination", writes Professor Ahmed.

– Colonial patriarchs … have taken over their right to renounce the original ways … for whatever reason they claim to serve – civilizing society, Christianity or rescuing women from the disgusting culture and religion they had the misfortune to find u ".

"In the hands of patriarchal men or feminists, the ideas of Western feminism have functioned essentially to morally justify the attack on indigenous societies and endorse the idea of ​​the overwhelming supremacy of Europe."

(Injustice also turned this to the fact that male powers contradicted the Muslim activists who turned away from the trajectory as too western and "colonial" to seek greater autonomy and women's rights in their own communities.)

For my scammers, Saudi women were the subject of use, something that should be treated as exotic and dehumanized abstraction, strengthening their superiority and further distributing women in color globally as helpless victims who need savings. But more importantly, keep women's activists in the west instead of them.

One positive thing that has come about this derailment, although it is actually linked to female feminists from Saudi Arabia, something that slips out of the ship despite their fierce focus on the action & # 39; and lack of concern for women, it seems they have never wanted to do it.

What I found was a successful underground nudity of artists, poets and academics who protested against the regime-style guardianship of the regime – and they are far from sad and impertinent women projected in Western media.

It is time to jump off the rails, bypassing and bypassing them, realizing their maneuvers as road blockages that need to drive, but can never stop progress.

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