Friday , October 18 2019
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Xbox Live falls gives players fear

Do not panic, your Xbox is not spoiled.

Players around the world have been wondering what's going on and fearing their console has been broken when Xbox Live crashed this morning.

Some users complain about social media about the fact that their Xbox was finally packed and did not realize that the network was a problem.

"We are aware of Xbox One console launches, title updates, and reporting errors. We'll let everyone know when we have more information to share information, "Xbox support team posted on Twitter shortly after 5 am.

Several users were thrilled to find out that their machine was not broken.

At 7:23 this morning, the Xbox told its users to solve the problem that caused many of them to slip.

"Issues about starting, reporting, error updating the Xbox One title and our status page are now resolved," the report says. "Thank you for joining us while our teams have solved these issues and appreciated the reports. As always, we are here and listen. "

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