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300 people in DR Congo who suffer from Ebola

06.11.2018 10.02

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On the eastern side of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, 300 people have already contracted a virus threatening the life of Ebola. So far, 186 people died of illness, 88 could be cured, as explained last night by the Congolese Ministry of Health. Out of 300 cases, the Ebola virus was clearly detected at 265 in the lab.

Since the beginning of August, about 26,000 people have received a promising experimental Ebola vaccine to stop the epidemic. A recent phenomenon of dangerous hemorrhagic fever focuses on the city of Ben and its surrounding area in the troubled province of North Kivu.

There are several militias and rebellious active groups, which is difficult for helpers to quickly visit a patient, isolate and contact their relatives. There is also resistance to vaccination – which is characterized by deep distrust of government – resistance.

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