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A big litter about a little rabbit

A big litter about a little rabbit

Musical "Rampage with Amber Eyes": a prized premier at the Schauspielhaus.

Big blow to the little bunny

Carsten Lepper, Ariana Schirasi-Fard, Jan Nikolaus Cerha and Hanna Kastner Image: Winkler

It feels good still day after the premiere. Edmund de Waal returns to the stage of the Linz Schauspielhaus, and a beam and water flies, because the musical version of his bestseller "Der Hase mit dem Bernsteinaugen" (Familien) -) Living so clearly, so clear and so miserable in mind.

Thanks to Henry Mason, the material that seems unsuitable for the stage and that deals with the destiny of the former (influential) Jewish family of Ephrus works at theater boards. He wrote the book and directed it.

His love of detail, compassion and simplicity contributed to this highly respected and artistically high-quality musical design. Mason did it easier. Simple in the sense of a call, curious, even from the seat of this hundred years old family sage from the beginning to the end, they want to go. Henry Mason was brave enough to play 150 different roles in his musical. Mason's handwriting is never incomprehensible, always traceable.

So the start could begin. First of all with a simple pedigree that can be seen on the big screen. The same is explained by small movie sequences and recordings worth knowing about the conspiracy.

Red showers like red thread

Scene (Jan Meier) is Spartan. In addition to a red cabinet with 264 Japanese carvings (including the little bunny's name) as a red thread, there are a few white blocks of wood that support the action. German composer Thomas Zaufke missed the music of high quality, genre-typical dresses. Ideally, the orchestra (directed by Christopher Mundy) overrides his ideas above the stage. Zaufke uses a Nazi era with live music (Charleston), and waves dance after the war. A deep insight into the Austrian soul.

Many appearances begin behind the showcases, creating tensions and surprises. The attention of Henry Mason in details also benefits the protagonist. Christof Messner as Edmund de Waal is well on the stage for two hours, always fit, no matter where the journey of this moving family saga is going on.

The ensemble shines in the collective. Ariana Schirasi-Fard gives a compassionate maid Anna. Especially versatile are Christian Frhlich (Renoir, Gestapo officer), Myrthes Monteiro (Emmy), Gernot Romic (Young Iggie), Carsten Lepper (Charles). Extraordinary work by Hanna Kastner and Riccardo Greco. The "Loan" of the acting ensemble Jan Nicolaus Cerha is perfectly integrated. Point to Will Mason – the father of the director – as "Old Iggie".

Conclusion: Musical evening for subtle. With much passion and love they exclaimed, composed and acted.

world premiere: "The Rabbit with the Amber Eyes," the musical Henry Henry Mason and Thomas Zaufke, 6 4.

Musical premier of a bilateral politician platform

The British ambassador also came to the premiere.

In the end, all the boys broke up with Edmund de Waal: After the premiere, director Henry Mason brought the author of the book "Der Hase mit dem Bernsteinaugen" to the stage. The British is overwhelmed by a production that is looking for a family track in the main role.

Musical premier of the theater of a bilateral politician

"It's a remarkable experience to check my family's life, I've seen the whole story again, I'm very proud of those people who have had the courage and the risk of Vienna, Paris, New York, and I'm very happy before the premiere has come to a bilateral pedagogical meeting Governor Thomas Stelzer and British Ambassador to Vienna Leigh Turner.

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