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A family shocked by a drowned boy movie

The family of the drowned Syrian boy refugee of Alan Kurd in 2015 reacted horribly for the planned shooting of her escape story. Such a movie is "unacceptable," the aunt told Canadian television CBC. Photo of the two-year-old Alan's body on the Turkish beach caused shocks all over the world in 2015 and became a symbol of a refugee crisis.

"I'm really a broken heart," says Tim Kurd, a Canadian resident, about Turkish posters circling online networks. No permission was required from her family for recording. Her brother, Iraqi father Alan Kurd, Abdullah, opposes the film. He could not believe someone wanted to revive his dead son on the film screen, Abdullah Kurdi, according to his sister.

Turkish screenwriter and director Omer Sarakaya has released posters and several photographs of the film "Aylan Baby – Sea of ​​Death" on the network. Among the actors is, among other things, the American actor star Steven Seagal. Sarakaya wants to sell the movie obviously to Netflix streaming service.

Team Kurd, who wrote "Boy on the Beach," said her family had already rejected several bids for her escape from Syria to Greece. Sarakaya told the CBC that his film was not only the story of the Kurdish family, but also the refugee crisis as a whole. The title of the film is therefore "Aylan Baby" and not "Aylan Kurdi".

However, on the Instagram page of the director, there is still an old version of the movie poster with the famous photograph of dead Jack and the movie title "Aylan Kurdi – The Sea of ​​Death." Alan Kurd's spelling varies.

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