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Amazon could bring an AirPod competitor to the market

apple pads 2The updated version of Apple's AirPods appeared in

Amazon is planning to launch wireless headsets in the second half of this year, according to Bloomberg's US financial service provider – claiming that Amazon's popular voice assistant Alex is attached.

The Amazon headset will be in direct competition with the AirPods, the wireless headset announced by Apple in 2016 and released its revised version in March. New Amazon handset users should be able to activate Alex by saying the trigger – "Alexa" – just like when using Amazon Echo or other Alexa powered devices.

New Alexa headphones are an important step for the company

Amazon headsets are also designed to react to gestures, such as typing, playing songs or ending phone calls, says Bloomberg. Like AirPods, they should be sold in boxes where they can be replenished. However, the built-in mobile phone function should not exist, so they must be connected to make the phone call the smartphone. According to Bloomberg's report, the project was declared one of the most important milestones in the Lab126 Division, the Amazons Development and Research Center.

Amazon has managed to establish itself as the leading smartphone platform from Alex and currently makes 61.1 percent of the US smart smartphone market, according to reports and Voicify, two specialized news sites.

By contrast, Amazon has largely ignored the mobile telephony market since the failed firefighters' phone call in 2015, which generated much less revenue than expected. Alexa headphones therefore change a lot, offering Alex users a more convenient access to a virtual assistant outside the home.

Amazon will face enormous and numerous competition in the world's handsets market

Amazon provided Alexa just as a smartphone application for iPhone and Android devices available and integrated a virtual assistant not like Google and Apple with its digital assistants from the very beginning in the operating system.

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With this step, Amazon is entering a fully-fledged market where competitors such as Apple already have the advantage. In the fourth quarter, Apple, according to the international industry analysis of Counterpoint Research, 60 percent of the global wireless headset market to be. In addition, the choice of the device is getting bigger. For example, wireless headsets from companies such as Jabra can access Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant.

Apple has recently released an updated version of AirPods, which provides a purely linguistic access to Syria and is optionally equipped with a wireless charging box. Beats has recently released new wireless Powerbeats Pro headphones. Previously, Samsung launched its own AirPods competitor, Galaxy Buds.

This text was translated from English by Alexandra Hilpert.

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