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Amazon Echo Show 5: A small smart screen with a large range of functions? – Digital

Like in this picture, Echo Show 5 should find its place on the nightstand for many users Photo: Amazon

Smart screens become more and more popular in German households. With Echo Show 5, Amazon is now a compact challenger.

Meanwhile, Siri, Alex and their colleagues arrived. However, more and more people are no longer relying on language assistants, not just their smart phones. Smart loudspeakers and smart screens find their way to more and more apartments. Amazon recently launched the Echo Show 5, a smart display that thanks to its compact size can find its place anywhere in its own four walls.

Here you can order Smart Display Echo Show 5 from Amazon

Construction and commissioning

The 5.5-inch screen is actually ready almost everywhere because of its small size. The only condition: The power supply must be near. Probably most users will use Echo Show 5 or as a handy kitchen assistant or as some kind of alarm clock on a nightstand. The device is also very easy to set up. When you turn it on for the first time, the screen will talk directly and guide users through the installation. Unlike many competitors, even an application is not needed, but you need an Amazon account.

Use and applications

The work of Echo Show 5 is equally simple. Or use your finger to control the touch screen – or make a voice command to Alex. It works like any other language assistant. The device will listen and wait for the activated activation word before actively accepting and processing the request. So if you want to know more about time, ask: "Alex, how's the time to be tomorrow?"

The device can do much more. Thanks to the screen, for example, music videos play, users play songs from Amazon Music, Deezer, Spotify and Co., or simply watch a series through Prime Videos. In addition, other compatible smart home devices can be managed via Echo Show 5. There are also video calls with friends and family. With the skills that can be downloaded, opportunities can always be extended to a new level. By the way, the brightness of the screen adjusts to the ambient light. So you do not have to worry about a glossy screen that shines all night in your face.

Is Alex always listening?

Those who value privacy and still want to use a device like Echo Show 5 can manually disable the built-in camera and a very sensitive microphone that records commands even at a few feet distance. With the button on the device, the microphone can be turned off completely. The second switch stops the camera. In both cases, this can be clearly seen on the device, regardless of whether the micros or cameras are turned off.

When trying out the Echo Show 5, the sound of the smart screen was particularly surprising. Of course, this is not approaching Apple's HomePods quality, Google Home Max or even a real hi-fi system in compact hardware, but the small device is unexpectedly powerful in terms of sound.

Unlike many competitors, the Echo Show 5 is also quite inexpensive. It's regularly costing just 90 euros. Smart Display is currently available in black and white technology. Currently, Echo Show 5 is sold out on Amazon in Germany. If you want to enter the world of smart screens at a relatively low price, you must be patient. New equipment is expected to be on stock at the beginning of August.

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