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An individual day interrupts snapshots again: they are the top 10 shopping events in the world (PHOTO) messages

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Yesterday, Chinese consumers gave 27.3 billion euros
within 24 hours only with the Chinese leader Alibaba
out. Once again, he has strengthened his position on a single day
The most powerful business event in the world. What other events?
in the top ten and how Germany works internationally
Comparative strikes, the buying community was determined by

1) Individual day – China

Next Date: November 11, 2019
For the first time: November 11, 1993
Sales in 2018: 27.3 billion euros

27.3 billion euros, 27 percent more than in 2017
Leader on Chinese Alibaba Market at Singles Day this year
far the biggest shopping event in the world. With that
Impressive numbers quickly sink into oblivion, that
Alibaba Market Operator A single day this year only for
organized for the tenth time and did not actually invent a day
have. In fact, they were founded by Nanjing students
The University is a Singles Day tradition – and that too
Year 1993 Date – a series of four – they chose
at that time aware: with little gifts they wanted each other
Give pleasure. Meanwhile, Alibaba has a success at Singles Day
"hijacked" and developed the biggest event in the world trade. width
Parts of 1.38 billion Chinese and Indonesian consumers,
Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam
now on a single day – fashion, chocolate and electronics
as well as cars, jewelery and lobsters.

2) Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday – USA

Next date: November 23 and 26, 2018
For the first time: 24 November 1961 and 1 December 2003
Sales in 2017: 9.88 billion euros

In the United States there is the second largest trade event in the world.
On Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, local merchants will call
since 1961 with discounts in trading areas. online retailers
in 2003 launched Cyber ​​Monday, a digital counterpart for life. with
Success: 2017 bought "Americans" on Black Friday, according to Adobe Digital
Insight, for 4.28 billion euros and Cyber ​​Monday even for 5.61
Billions of euros. All in all, traders have been posting this for two days
About 9.88 billion euros.

3) Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday – United Kingdom

Next date: November 23 and 26, 2018
For the first time: November 28, 2003 and November 30, 2009
Sales in 2017: EUR 8.71 billion

The British have 8.71 billion euros, the Center for Retail
Research, 2017 in four days from Black Friday to Cyber
Released on Monday. And although the British "Cyber ​​Wee-kend" continues
relatively young, is behind the American
Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday won the third place in sales
Shopping events in the world. Similar to those dealing with US online stores
Traditional merchants are also increasingly taking "on the island" act: PwC
noted that the British of all ages 2017 first time online more than
they bought out of the network.

4) El Buen Fin – Mexico

Next Date: November 16 – November 19, 2018
First Time: 18th to 21st November 2011
Sales in 2017: € 4.69 billion

Unlike the United States and the UK, the largest
The commercial event in Mexico does not belong but is organized by the state.
In order to strengthen the local economy, the tax administration is suppressing each
Year 150,000 cash prizes worth a total of 500 million pesos.
Anyone who wins with their "El Buen Fin" can win
Credit card for purchase. In 2017, consumers gave, according to Mexican
The Chamber of Commerce, therefore, 4.69 billion euros – much to shame
Verbraucherschtzern. They criticize the fact that many Mexicans emerged
I hope to make a profit.

5) Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) – Dubai

Next date: December 26, 2018 to January 26, 2019
For the first time: February 15 to March 16, 1996
Sales in 2015: 3.54 billion euros

Shopping centers were located in the United Arab Emirates
In 1996 each year in the winter several weeks at Dubai Shopping
Festival (DSF). Similar to El Buen Fino in Mexico
Consumers also on DSF without tax. 2016/17 put
local retailers so 3.54 billion in four weeks. newer
Unfortunately there are no numbers. Thanks to growing tourism
Shopping centers were recorded at the latest Dubai Shopping Festival
but an increase of 10 percent compared to the previous year. Dubai
According to the Gold and Jewelery group, visitors only bought gold
worth 2.32 billion euros.

6) Diwali Festival – India

Next date: October 26 or 27, 2019
For the first time: unclear
Sales in 2017: 2.93 billion euros

Despite its 1.33 billion people, India is home to it
The sixth largest trade event in the world. He bought the Diwali festival
the inhabitants of the most populous country in the world, Statista
Thus, he spent EUR 2.93 billion. Special fireworks
and the lights are very popular because of the Diwali festival's glory
Hindus return of his god of the Lord of Ramah to his kingdom,
Wins good against evil – light over the shade.

7) Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday – Germany

Next date: November 23 and 26, 2018
For the first time: November 28, 2007 and November 30, 2009
Sales in 2017: 1.7 billion euros

For the twelfth time, Black Friday will be held this year
Germany, Cyber ​​Monday as the tenth time. from
Both days are no longer pre-Christmas jobs
necessary. 1.7 billion euros were given by the Germans, HDE
According to the words, 2017 in four days from black Friday to cyber Monday
out. Cyber ​​Weekend traffic was higher for the previous month
The previous year was 18.2 percent.

8) Boxing Day – Australia

Next date: December 26, 2018
For the first time: December 26, 1931
Sales in 2017: EUR 1.48 billion

That Australia is British for 87 years
The Commonwealth of Nations makes the right to watch for sale
Negotiating Events Clearly: "Down Under" Does Not Allow Black Friday,
but Boxing Day box retailers loudest ring.
These are great buyers who exchange vouchers or exchange gifts
The day after Christmas, every year with special offers
and so turn billions: 1.48 billion euros it gave
Australian, Australian Retail Association, boxing
2017 – 4.3 percent more than 2016.

9) Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday – France

Next date: November 23 and 26, 2018
For the first time: November 26, 2010 and November 28, 2011
Sales in 2017: EUR 910 million

Also in France, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday
now under the feet. Even though the French discovered it
The US tradition a bit later than German consumers. but
in France, both events are now scratching on
Billion Marks: In 2017, French consumers bought at that time
from Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, the GfK study, fr
910 million and resulted in increased sales of incredible 35
How much.

10) Black Friday – Brazil

Next date: November 23, 2017
First Time: November 23, 2012
Sales in 2017: EUR 438.7 million

Brazil is not just the most populous country than it is
also the home of the largest commercial event in South America. He came here
Black Friday 2012 and gets popularity since: 2017
For the first time, Brazilian consumers gave more than on Black Friday
two billion real Brazil, which amounts to 438.69 million
Euro (+10.3 percent), excluded. The Brazilian expects this year
Ecommerce Association (ABComm) already with a turnover of 2.5
Billion is real.


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