Saturday , January 23 2021

ARD Radio Play Award for ORF production "Bridal Shoes" – Kultur-News

Directly from the dpa news channel

Karlsruhe (AP) – ORF radio reproduction of the production of "Bridal shoes" by Magde Woitzuck was awarded the German Radio Drama Award ARD. A prize worth 5,000 euros was awarded on Saturday night during the ARD radio show in Karlsruhe. The radio song speaks of the terrorist militant of the Islamic State (IS), rising in a mass grave and emerging as a loser. According to the organizer, Woitzuck describes grotesquely in his work, as they face Western self-consciousness and war trauma of a fighter.

The German Kinderhörspielpreis (5000 euros) was awarded to author Gudrun Hartmann for adapted radio drama "The Hands of the Stars" based on the book Rafik Schami. The piece was produced by Hessischer Rundfunk and WDR. The prize for the radio play for the best actress that has released 3000 euros went to Aljosco Stadelmann in the radio drama "Alles Rumi" Radio Bremen "

The audience reward (2500 euros) by the festival's visitors and on the Internet won the radio drama of Felix Kubin, produced by NDR "Die Maschine stands Still", according to Edward Morgan Forster. According to ARD information, radio days are the largest festival of radio dramas and sound art in the German speaking countries. They end on Sunday.

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