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Baby barely eat and drink after herpes infection

Mother warns that she loves her daughter after herpes infection

A 10-month-old UK girl could hardly eat and drink after a herpes infection. The toddlers ’pain was so great that their mother used an injection to give the baby water. The girl is probably infected with a kiss.

A 10-month-old baby infected with herpes

Little Sunderland's Lily Taylor was only ten months old when she became infected with the contagious herpes virus. Although her mother Katie is not sure how her baby got infected, she believes it happened through a family member who kissed her daughter. Now, a young woman is alerting other parents to a dangerous infection.

A baby with heat spots on his arm is worn on his arm
A baby from England could barely eat and drink after being infected with herpes. The baby is probably infected with the virus of a kiss from a family member. (Image: triocean /

The healing took several weeks

According to a report in the English newspaper Mirror, the mother first noticed a red spot on her daughter's brother.

When she asked the doctor, she was told to keep an eye on the stain. But two days later, more stains appeared, causing much pain to the child.

The mother then took the baby to the hospital, where doctors quickly realized that it was herpes.

It's been four weeks that Lily's mouth healed on time for her first birthday last June.

During this time the girl had to endure severe pain. Her mother is now telling her story to raise herpes awareness and prevent people from kissing their baby.

Two out of three people are infected with herpesviruses

According to health experts, two out of three people are infected with herpesviruses, most do not notice at all.

Viruses are often only active through certain influences such as stress or strong sunlight, and then lead to cold sores on the lips and mucous membranes, among other things.

Some require special care. Adult inflammation of the cold should be very cautious when in contact with young children. Because even a kiss from them can end up deadly for babies, as an older US case showed.

The mother thought the complaints could be related to her teeth

For Lily from England, the virus became dangerous. "If she was a little younger, she could have killed her – she was so sick and it was heartbreaking," the mother said.

A former health care worker explained how it all began. At first, she thought the red stain on her daughter's chin could be related to her teeth.

But the next day, when she looked worse, she went to a doctor who recommended a soothing gum gel and said it was a viral infection.

On the third day, Lily woke up with a lot of smudges in and around her mouth. It felt so bad that I went straight to the hospital and found out it was herpes – says Mrs Taylor.

The baby barely ate pain

"I couldn't believe it. I always packed Lily in cotton wool because I lost her baby and didn't want her to ever get hurt."

Although the mother is not sure how her daughter became infected, she said: "She was on a family trip before the weekend and I know some members suffer from an ulcer."

It is also clear that the virus is already present before the onset of cold sores, which is why the person who kissed it probably didn't notice it until a few days later.

"It took a month for the skin to get back into shape and even though it was not my fault, I was ashamed of myself because people looked at me as if I had neglected it," said the young woman.

"She barely ate because it was too painful and I had to use an injection to give her water. It was awful to see her suffering from the pain."

Do not kiss children with herpes

"She will be sensitive to sores for the rest of her life."

The mother is now appealing to people suffering from herpes not to kiss children to prevent this in the future.

"It's hard to determine who did it, but I'll take good care of who kissed her, because I'd hate her if it happened again." (Ad)


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