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Battle between hackers and Blümla for minimal revenue «

Vienna Health and Social Advisor Peter Hacker (SPÖ) and Chancellor Gernot Blümel (ÖVP) on Wednesday evening in the ORF Radio "Klartext" held a partial violent exchange of views on Vienna's urban policy. Once again, the topic of minimal income was at the center.

Blümel, chairing ÖVP in Vienna, accused the hackers of "failing to implement the constitutional law on minimum income in the form of the present draft in Vienna". Haker was opposed, it was a "funny word".

From the beginning, he clearly made clear that his arm was extended to the Minister of Social Affairs, the city council said. "We have always maintained that we are ready for new talks." His job as a social council is to deal with the consequences of the law.

The draft has "some very basic problems," he stressed. Therefore, they do not want to fight poverty, and not the creation of means for life, have been criticized by hackers. The draft even literally states that minimum safety should only be a subsidy.

Blümel once again emphasized that it was a "fundamental question": "It must be possible to work, to have more than someone who does not." "It is about more justice and the business should pay off again," he noted "an imbalance".

Late criticisms rise

Emotionally, the Federal Government discussed the Vienna Criticism. "This is a picture of the capital's picture, which simply does not match the facts," Hackers said. The culmination was "the insult of the Federal Chancellor for Vienna," "we were late for the dormitory," he quoted Kurza's statement at the Mauerbach government meeting about three weeks ago ("I do not think good is developing when fewer people get up in the morning. "In reality, however, federal capital is the" economic engine "of the republic." You can not permanently show the capital, "Hacker says.

Blümel thought "it was a little to say that this statement meant moving the Viennese." "That's funny," the minister said. "We're not at all calm," Hacker said. "It is a shame when the chancellor falls out of the roster."

Asked about possible coalition options following the next election in Vienna, both were blocked: in Vienna, SPÖ and Green "fully agree that we will work until the last day," Hacker said. And then Vienna will decide. "I think nothing of fun speculations", besides, at SPÖ you do not currently have the "appetite" for the campaign.

Blümel emphasized that he himself saw his place in Vienna in the future. Coalition thinking for him does not play a role at this point: first of all people vote, then count "and then negotiate".


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