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Black Friday: Amazon started Cyber ​​Monday a week earlier

Save it even earlier

In November we expect two great action days on Amazon with Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. This year, however, the mail order company opens a week earlier on Cyber ​​Monday on Monday. Even before "Cyber ​​Week" bargain hunters can save money.

Just a week before Cyber ​​Monday you can save money on Amazon.

Just a week before Cyber ​​Monday you can save money on Amazon. (Source: alphaspirit /

Amazon launches Cyber ​​Week: This year, the week of awards known as "Cyber ​​Monday Week" takes place between 19 and 26 November 2018. In that period there will be a lot of offers from different product areas. Black Friday November 23 and Cyber ​​Monday November 26 are the highlight of the battle discount. These days you will most likely find the most attractive deals on the boat dive.

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But for the first time there is a special feature: Amazon extends a week of cyber-Monday for the whole week. So, the "Countdown" action begins on November 12, where you can expect a daily flash and daylight-change to November 18th. So you can go looking for a total of 14 days.

Particularly useful are the premieres

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Everyday merchants like Media Markt, Amazon or Saturn come with countless deals. It is difficult to follow. Netzwelt regularly reviews the offers of various retailers for you. We are telling you how much you really save on the supposed price list and whether you will pay for your purchase.

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You can now check your existing checks:

When buying on the internet, but not just bad deals, but sometimes cheating. Therefore, consider our online shopping tips. In this special, you will learn, among other things, how to safely pay on the internet. If you want to import goods from an online online store in Germany, check out our special "import technology".

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