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Börse Express – Banco Safra launches SafraWallet

SAO PAULO, Oct. 18 / PRNewswire / – Banco Safra has launched a new digital payment service that allows customers to pay traders using QR code, NFC and, soon, facial recognition. Transfers and payments via QR code are also possible. The SafraWalllet application can be downloaded this weekend at the App Store and Google Play store.

The platform is more than application-based billing, but offers a complete service for both sender and recipient, enabling payment in a completely new way

The payment service is not limited to Banco Safre users, and registration is free, simple, fast and without proof of income. Unlike existing payment services, SafraWalllet does not charge any bank fees for using the Transfer, Payment, or Payment application.

Consumers can charge your money on your SafraWallet in three different ways: by transferring money from another bank account, by paying by bank transfer or by credit card registration from any bank. Payments are either deducted from the account balance in SafraWallet or triggered on one of the registered credit cards, so you do not need to present the actual card.

Presenting Banco Safra offers special benefits for home buyers. For example, clients receive a bonus for each registered credit card, and anyone who approves a pay transfer gets a fixed amount of three months as a bonus and other benefits.

SafraWallet offers a range of functionality and benefits for both buyers and sellers. "Launching SafraWalleta marks a milestone in our bank history and represents a new way of paying and accepting payments for all Brazilians who want a mobile, simple, and simple payment method," the bank said.

The solution is also integrated with SafraPay, the bank's acquirer, who is experiencing strong growth based on an innovative automated registration system, dedicated team and digital sales. "Banco Safra has ambitious plans to expand its digital payment channel so we will integrate" SuperApp "into SafraWallet in the second half of the year, offering a range of products and services through an open platform and holistic user experience," the bank said. .

The Exclusive Innovation of Banco Safre enables customers who require cash to raise money with more than 23,000 ATMs using QR code. With SafraWallet on their mobile phones, they can buy thousands of sales outlets, enjoy other benefits, pay and issue bills, transfer money to friends, and receive payments from them.

"We believe that ease of use of SafraWallet will help increase retail customers' turnover, and we will also use location tracking technology to further improve our bid."

What's next? The company set itself the goal of joining large retail banks in the new market and, with the help of a digital platform, strengthened its position among the four largest Brazilian private banks in this segment. Safrina's strategy is to convey the low cost of its own retail customer network through the introduction of an open platform for expanding the supply of financial and consumer products, as well as providing more competitive products and services.

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