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Börse Express – Gosuncn works with PPC to successfully implement the CDMA 450 Smart Grid communication solution in European countries.

On November 7, Gosuncn and Power Plus Communication ("PPC", the leading smart metering manufacturer and smart network communication system in Germany) jointly presented the CDMA 450MHz during the European Social Welfare Week 2018 in Vienna-based CDMA router, which has been successfully used in many European countries in the electricity markets.

The Smart CDMA Router developed by PPC allows communication with various network controllers and gauges via RS485, LAN and WMBUS. The CDMA 450MHz network can be used for real-time data transfer on the management platform for accurate, reliable, and timely metering management. The PPC Network Management System enables secure configuration and firmware upgrades.

PPC Wireless M2M Solutions, Christian Freudenmann, said: "Very good 450MHz penetration and CDMA 450 bandwidth are suitable for the needs of secure networks and smart metrics on the European market. For these applications we have developed IPv6 and IPv4 Smart CDMA Router which connects Ethernet devices or a complete LAN network as well as WMBUS or RS485 devices to a 450 MHz CDMA network via a VPN on the Web site We used the Gosuncn MC5635 Gosuncn in the Smart CDMA Router that supports us by adapting the Smart CDMA Router to the needs of our customers in Austria , Netherlands and Germany Gosuncn is a reliable partner for communication solutions. "

Gosuncn offers a 3G communication module MC5635 based on the CDMA 450MHz, the PPC Smart CDMA Router. Developed on the Qualcomm MC5635 platform is in line with Gosuncn's 30 * 30mm standard Factor LCC factor and supports CDMA 1X / EV-DO Rev.A / Rev. B450MHz with theoretical maximum speed of 14.7 Mbps DL / 5.4 Mbps UL. It is characterized by high RF sensitivity and low energy consumption in standby mode and can meet the high level of reliability required for energy communication. Zhu Kegong, vice president of Gosunnn, said: "Gosuncn's CDMA 1X module is widely used in the Dutch electricity market in 2014. This successful co-operation with PPC is yet another step for Gosunc on the European electricity market, and the Link will create a high added value for our customers and European consumers of electricity. "

Through its great efforts on the European market, Gosuncn has built up intensive cooperation with Dutch energy giants Alliander, the Italian power company and the German PPC. The range of mobile modules has gained a good reputation among its users. In the future, Gosuncn will strengthen the global smart metal market with smarter, safer and more reliable wireless connections and services.

Gosunn Information:

Gosuncn is the leading provider of M2M mobile solutions. Gosuncn Technology Co., Ltd., named Gosuncn, specializes in the development, production and marketing of mobile M2M modules, connected vehicle solutions and IoT solutions.

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