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Börse Express – ROUNDUP / Opening of Frankfurt Stock Exchange: Dax has apparently risen above 11100 points

Dax it became her Tuesday
he made a clear start with his last winning score of 11,000 points.
With a rise of 1.23 percent to 11.150.30 meters, it climbed
In addition, leading the index of the next larger brand of 11,100
Boda. MDAX for medium-sized enterprises
he won 1.16 percent to 23.749,87 points. Leading eurozone index
EuroStoxx 50 it grew by 0.85 percent.

Last week, Dax was faced with renewed worries
trade dispute between the US and China up to 10,863 points
sink before returning to the beginning of the week
can stabilize. Asia continued to drive. so
on Tuesday in China, on the stock exchanges, the day before very
came back strongly from a weeklong vacation,
and so on. Also Nikkei-225 is
after an extended weekend in Japan
back to recovery to 21,000 points.

During a trade dispute with a senior visitor
The US delegation in Beijing in the second half of the week
Focus is on, there are positive signals for the US budget dispute:
Several US media reportedly claiming to be leading
Negotiators on the "fundamental agreement" between the Democrats
and Republicans in the US Congress. This is a positive signal for
economy and stock market, commented expert Thomas Altmann
from the QC asset management partner.

In addition, British Prime Minister Theresa May
in the early afternoon the parliamentary statement is expected
about the status of Brexit negotiations. It should be there
Not much to publish, Altmann believes. He will breed
more and more for patience. At the end of May there will probably be nothing else
He left to postpone Brexit, bringing it
Uncertainty continues to retreat.

Fresenius SE put on top of Dax by 4.5 percent
and provide a technical technical positive image. Start of December
After the second profit warning has begun to grow, it is intact.
Analyst Gunnar Romer from the German bank assumes that
The Medical Group ended the year 2018 in a robust state
and advises with the Kurziel of 65 euros still to buy. currently,
Fresenius shares cost around 47.70 euros.

Continental stocks were positive
The course response to the number of Michelin competitors
with the transported. The French tire manufacturer had
despite the bad mood of the industry, its sales last year
increased. Michelin won the leading CAC 40 index
almost 11 percent, Continental in Dax 3.8 percent. also
throughout the European car sector presented himself

Already days due to government investigations in Singapore and
Wirecard focused on quotations from the Financial Times
it further stabilized with a plus 1 percent. they
now costs 104 euros. Last week, they dropped to 86
The euro collapsed and was almost closed at the end of January
halved. Given the high fluctuations in prices ,. T
British Bank HSBC their target price for Wirecard of 240
up to 170 euros, but advises to continue purchasing.

Before the hourly market in terms of quarterly data, Thyssenkrupp turned
in the Xetra store in minus. At the loss
1.6 percent last, were last in Dax. Analyst Milan
Cutkovic from the broker AxiTrader has positively assessed that
Industrial and steel companies also after the warning to profit
Others are keeping their prognoses for the whole year, others
However, market observers pointed out that Thyssenkrupp

The shares of Metro AG are represented in MDax
after presenting the quarterly balance with a plus of 3.1 percent
very solid. Also about the numbers and the confirmed annual forecast. T
Online Operator Operator Scout24 they reacted
The investors were initially satisfied, but the last time they published the newspapers

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