Monday , January 18 2021

Coronavirus: Does Your Height Increase Your Risk Of Infection? The study says yes

Coronavirus infection is said to be more common in people of a certain height. At least that’s what the study says.

Research around it Coronavirus and infection so many times both apparent and especially curious connections come to light. In many cases, it remains to be finally proven whether they always correspond to the facts. This is also the case with the results of a study that suggests a double risk of very specific body size. At least independent researchers find them questionable.

Coronavirus infection: a double risk for tall people?

According to the study, scientists from the United States, Norway and the United Kingdom are related to previously known findings about the transmission of coronavirus by air. Because the Covid-19 pathogen can also be transmitted by aerosols – tiny suspended particles that are expelled during respiration and contain the virus – people are at greater risk of coronavirus infection when they reach a certain size.

It is said that the risk of coronavirus infection is up to twice as high if a person suffers 1.83 meters (six feet), the researchers report in their study. A total of about 2,000 patients in Norway and North America were examined, who were asked about several private and professional factors, such as employment, income, travel, and whether they live in the same household. This should determine which accompanying circumstances may increase the risk.

According to the study, it was found that people of the mentioned height are not only more at risk, scientists even believe that the risk of coronavirus infection is twice as high. The reason for this is that aerosols remain in the air for a long time and, especially in rooms with moderate air circulation, accumulate and can move through air currents.

Experts believe the results are unfounded

The study itself, but also the assessments of other scientists, show that the results of a study on the causal relationship between size and risk of infection cannot necessarily be based on objective measurement factors. Participants were only asked if they were taller than 1.83 meters. There were no other questions about height, as quoted by Science Media Center professor of applied science Kevin McConway.

According to him and other experts, the conclusion is just a correlation or assumption that has not been proven to really exist. The study did not show a case in which it was clearly proven that the higher rate of corona diagnosis in people over 1.83 meters is actually caused by their height. There would be a number of other differences between the population below and above six meters, in addition to height. There is a possibility that one of them led to an increased corona infection, which is why the study should be interpreted with caution.

At least that aerosols are involved in coronavirus transmission, researchers have already shown in experiments with various samples. To recognize these results, experts around the world wrote an open letter to the World Health Organization calling for this type of coronavirus infection to be included in the pathogen documentation. Until then, the WHO had only recognized that further research was needed. At least somewhere else there is progress. The strategy against a corona pandemic seems particularly effective.

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