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Culture: Royals: Drama around Meghan – three employees escaped from the palace for her

Three close employees of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan stopped shortly after the royal wedding. It is a fuss that may be the reason for Meghanin's behavior.

Is the ever-shining Duchess Meghan behind the wall of the castle probably less angel than he thought?

Last night, rumors emerged that Meghan became impressive in preparing for the royal wedding, primarily because of his stubborn demands.

Among other things, Meghan had a clear idea of ​​his wedding ceremonies, which violated the ideas of the royal family. Insider discovered that it was also fierce conflicts between her and court staff came that even Queen Elizabeth II must speak the word of power.

Several internal sources pointed out that Meghan was not involved in any preparation and was very nice.

Meghan's stubbornness could take even three employees out of the palace. The Royal Entity of the British newspaper "Daily Mail" has discovered it.

Duchess Meghan, the closest commissar, leaves the farm after a few months

Among other things, Meghan's closest commissar and personal advisor to the palace turned from her. The employee, known only as "Melissa", left his job only six months after the royal wedding.

Insider told the newspapers: "That's a real shock. Why would you leave such a prestigious job so early?"

Assistant Duchess Sussex described the source as a very talented person playing a very important role in Royal Wedding Harry and Meghan played. The Royal Court has not yet issued an official statement announcing its dismissal.

Sam Cohen announces the Queen's commissioner after 17 years

However, "Melissa" is not the only one who has fled from the palace since Meghan became an official member of the royal family. The Daily Mail also reports that Samantha Cohen will soon take over her position private secretary Harry and Meghan will go.

Cohen has been working for the English royal house for 17 years, describing him as "Deeply dedicated to serving the British monarchy"She was considered one of the closest queen commissars. At the beginning of the year he was employed to prepare Megha for the royal role.

Edward Lane Fox left Royals in the summer

And Edward Lane Fox gave up work in the summer of this year after many years. Since 2003 he was the closest commissar and private secretary of Prince Harry. Shortly before the royal wedding, he announced that his job would be completed in the summer of this year.

Is the supposed married drama around Meghan too much for him? Or is it just a coincidence that three close associates of Harry and Meghan left the palace in such a short time?

The Royal Household employee told the Daily Mail: "The loss of a household member can happen to anyone. Losing three in just a few months seems like the beginning of a mass escape. "

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