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Dieter Bohlen unravels Helene Fischer: "Many do not know: she wanted it …"

Dieter Bohlen talked in an interview from the sewing box, also about Schlagerqueen Helena Fischer. He talked about something that many probably did not know.

Hamburg – It was a state coup Radio Hamburg he was proudly proud: the station could win Dieter Bohlen (65) for his morning outings. Pop-Titan moderated on Friday (June 21st). A show from 5 to 10 am, the team picked up moderator John Ment (56) at home in Tötensen. "Mission MEGA" called the emitter the whole thing.

Dieter Bohlen speaks on the radio about the Women's World Cup, politician and Helene Fischer

Of course, Dieter Bohlen came in for a long time and lots of conversations. About a lot of private stuff, with a few phrases and a whole bunch of concise words. Among other things, said Bohlen, he is a great fan of the Women's World Cup. That's the thought of "mega, winning 3: 0," he said, considering the duel of DFB's with Nigeria. Even for politics, he has expressed the pop tit, about demos "Friday for the Future". – Of course it's hard for a father. So if others do, I think that's great! "Says Bohlen. "No, I think if you see what they are doing, if you miss a few hours, that's not so bad." His general attitude: "I think they are politically involved, to express their opinions and to stand upright, I like it.

Listeners on radio receivers as well as all those listening to the whole length may have become particularly prominent during the transition: Dieter Bohlen unravels about Helene Fischer!

Dieter Bohlen: "Helene Fischer is a relatively small but really cute"

Schlagerqueen visited him two years ago at Tötensen. The first cognition is obvious. "It's a bit small, but it's really sweet and looks very nice without makeup," he explains.

But compliments follow evil – the new song Helene Fischer "See Again", which sensed sensitivity and made a humiliating offer, even Bohlen did not leave good hair. The song sounds "a bit like a contribution to the Moldovan Grand Prix," says Bohlen. His professional opinion: "That's because of English, the only reason being English." Many great artists have tried, like Grönemeyer, so umzuschwenken so. "She's a German, she's great, she sings great, of course you can sing English as a bonus track on the album for fans."

Dieter Bohlen reveals: "Helene Fischer actually wanted to be a pop singer who speaks English"

And then Bohlen reveals the secret, begins with the words: "I think many do not even know it". Accordingly, Helen Fischer came to German singing only by sightseeing! "Helene actually wanted to be a pop singer from the English speaking area, and then everywhere was offered in every record house in Germany and they all refused." And then, when there was nothing left, they said, "Come on, let's do it in German." It was a long journey. "And then there has been a shift from" Atemlos, "with a relative number of pops and since then it probably makes it the most modern German hit ever made," says Bohlen.

Pop-titanium is, of course, well-disposed towards Helene Fischer. Especially as far as her stage performance is concerned. "She plays the show on stage, that's crazy," she delighted.

Video: Helene Fischer – back with a song for a dream factory

But in the live enjoyment, Helena Fischer fans are not at the moment. Unless you are invited to one of the selected private performances currently available. One of them recently caused trouble.

Helene Fischer currently enjoys her break – recently at a private party in Mallorca.


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