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El Camino: Some More Breaking Bad

Vince Gilligan missed the successful series with "El Camino" a two-hour quest. Can you do that? But he could stay.

What was it finally? And how cruelly watched they were. "Breaking Bad" concluded with a swan song about a man who becomes increasingly entangled until he himself believes he is only doing what he needs to do. He pretends to think of family, destroys everything and loses the love of those closest to him. You could have left it there, everyone was satisfied, the critics, the fans, and besides, there is a spin-off with "Better Call Saul" which is in no way inferior to the original series, except that the violence does not take up so much space.

So why search? The two-hour, "El Camino" movie released on Netflix on Friday can't really explain it. What could be worse: Vince Gilligan knows that the story of misguided patriarch Walter White is over and he's not even trying to plot anything. He focuses on Jesse escaping from the cage and his tormenter, Todd, with a wild laugh, his foot on the accelerator pedal. This is where the movie begins: Jesse is on the move, with El Camino, the name of the car.

The El Camino movie lacks the psychological depth of the series: we watch Jesse tortured by gruesome blows, haunted not only by the police but his own memory. Annoyed, very upset, extensively the camera captures Aaron Paul's waidwunden gaze. And Todd, his tormentor, is evil, very angry. Enraged enough to let his lady's unwrapped coal cleansing body unbutton himself because he still needed the belt he used to strangle her. So angry that she is in the car on her way to the desert, where she wants to get rid of her body, a rather blissful Dr. Cook song sings along. Yes, psychopaths look like this, we know that now.

Robert Forster's last appearance

The film's main characters include: the tormented friends Badger and Skinny Pete, who do not care to ensure the escape of the getaway car, which is why El Camino only plays a role in the first quarter of an hour. An overly curious retiree who explains to everyone that he has worked in the hospitality and hospitality industry. Both the hated vacuum cleaner salesman and dark escape assistant Ed, who had already denied Walter White access to the law in a secluded cabin in the woods – and now gives Jesse a new identity. Which almost fails because instead of the required 250,000, Jesse only travels $ 248,200 in a plastic bag.

Robert Forster played this silent and energetic guy. He died of a brain tumor on Friday, the day the movie was released, at the age of 78 and was diagnosed in June. "A true gentleman who loved acting," Aaron Paul recalled. "Breaking Bad" lead actor Bryan Cranston paid tribute on Twitter to "a lovely man and a great actor."

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