Wednesday , September 18 2019
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Facebook laughed: Apple banned the application for data collection

Apple has become active

As Techcrunch reports, it was a lie. ago Facebook the application supposedly volunteered iOS has been removed apple active. apple has disabled the certificate Facebook for a breakthrough solution used. With these certifications you can apply to iPhone for installation, which does not come from the App Store, but from other sources. This certificate was part of the development program. It is intended for companies to test their own apps.

This is also Apple's reason for the revocation of the certificate: "We have created a developer program for companies solely for the purpose of distributing applications within the organization. Facebook it used to distribute the data collection application to consumers, which is a clear termination of the contract apple is. "

Facebook will probably soon announce a statement to clarify the "misunderstanding". However, this does not change the fact that the application is from apple was locked and Facebook It seemed to sound like in the public, as if you voluntarily disallowed the app. for android wants Facebook and still manage the app.

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